Title: Grimm Fairy Tales: Robyn Hood
Author: Patrick Shand
Publication: March 12th, 2013
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Rating: 4/5
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In the land of Myst, a tryant rules the city of Bree with an iron fist, leaving its citizens living in fear and terror. But all hope is not lost as a young orphan girl from another world discovers her destiny and becomes the legend she was meant to be. The creators of Grimm Fairy Tales, Wonderland, and Neverland bring you the next great hero in the Grimm Universe!

My thoughts:

Note: I read 50% of this book. The reason why I didn't finish it was because it's not something my watchers on my YouTube channel would want to see, not because I didn't like it! (copy given to me by NetGalley)

The art:

Loved how Watts portrayed Robyn! The art in between chapters were a little… revealing. When I saw the first pictures I was like "aw, she's so beauit- HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THOSE TITS!" I'm not a graphic novel expert, but I know those types of drawings are normal. Robyn having one eye that glows was awesome.

Look at dem titties. I SAID LOOK AT THEM DAMMIT!

The characters:

I didn't get to know Robyn very well in this book but from what I saw she was really kick ass and that's what I admire in characters. She had a hard past and doesn't let that get her down. It's admirable seeing her fight with Will. Speaking of Will, if he were real I'd think he'd be hot. I mean, did you see those chiseled features? Dayum. Even though I only read half I still felt really bad for the characters. That doesn't happen with me; it usually takes a lot more time to be empathetic (I'm a heartless bastard, what can I say?). Robyn is someone you want to hug.


Other thoughts:

When reading reviews on Goodreads I saw a comment about how Robyn holds the bow. I agree that it's not the correct way, so maybe the author needs to do some more research. It's a fun light read and something you'll enjoy if you're into Robin Hood stories. I recommend this book for older teens to adults since the drawings are, once again, very revealing.


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