Hello peeps! I'm giving away two copies of Don't Look Back and one copy of White Hot Kiss by Jennifer Armentrout! Good luck.

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To be completely honest, I've had a lousy day. I'm going to a really fun fundraiser tonight, though, so my day will get better soon. Thank you for this awesome giveaway. :) I love Jennifer L. Armentrout's books!

I am good today! Thanks for asking!

I'm good just working on pharmacology homework . Thanks for the giveaway

OK so i had to work today at my dads office didnot sit down for 4 hours straight it was really bad for my back but besides that i read 3 books yesterday. Oh yeah i forgot to watch Arrow, Psych, Melissa and Joey and Baby Daddy not a good day for that

I started out OK, but right now I'm very stressed and scared (financial woes are playing havoc with my life, and that lack of a safety net, or control, is driving me nuts). I'm trying to calm down, with hot cocoa and blogs. So thanks for contributing to lowering my stress level. :)

Well being it's 12:30 am,I'm tired about head to bed but if you count it as technically still being "Wednesday",my day was ok. Substituted some 7th graders today,most were already a few gave me trouble and a few annoyed me~but not necessarily in bad way bc I really do love those kids but after lunch I wasn't feeling so well so I would have preferred them not have bother me and just done their work.Then I came home a sorta took a nap and felt alittle better but having a 17yr old(well she will be on Sunday) with emotional/behavioral/social issues and a 13 yr old with behavioral/social issues and trying to keep him from following in his sister's footsteps of a string of self~destructive and bad decisions while trying to get her to make wise decisions and think about her future on top of me having health issues that seem to keep piling up and keeps me from working full time and unable to support me and my kids without my overbearing,controlling parents' help..ok now that I told you my life story when all you asked was how I was today..yeah I'll stop rambling now and take my self to bed.

fine and dandy given I've got a chest infection! Getting ready to paint house today!

So far so good! I could certainly do without the snow we got last night though! My kids had a 2 hour delay at school so had a nice slow morning no rushing to get them out the door!

Doing good today

Not a good day today. Things got off on the wrong foot and have kept up that way. I hope everyone else's day is better.

Terrible. My daughter has been soiling her pants every day this week in preschool. Now I am just sitting here at work waiting for the call.

I'm pretty good. The sun is out and it's supposed to be spring-like temperatures!

Today is a blah day. I feel like crap and it is freezing here! It is definitely "snuggle up under the covers in bed and read a book" weather. lol

It's a beautiful and sunny day. Despite a head cold, I'm enjoying the day! :)

I'm on my lunch break right now, i'm not even hungry because i'm excited about seeing Divergent tonight!!!! Other than that, i'm having an awesome day!

I guess I'm doing ok.. just trying to figure out what to eat for dinner...

I'm fine. I've been sick for a little longer than a week, but it's reduced to just small migraines and headaches, and I just got back from Barnes and Nobles!

I'm doing okay today, I'm happy it's Friday and I'm ready for the weekend :)

thanks for the giveaway

So far, so good. Hopefully it stays that way!

Felt kind of blah today, but better now. Thanks for asking! :-)

I'm okay! I'm watching my college basketball team play (it's good I can type and look at TV at the same time) and there are 7.2 seconds left so I'm nervous. They're down by a point. Eep. Go Shockers!

Pretty good, thanks for asking and thanks for the giveaway!
Ann S

I'm pretty good! Thanks for asking! I was pretty productive today. I almost finishing all my homework, and I'm going out of town for a couple a days, so I finished packing. Thanks for the giveaway, I hope you're doing well today!

I'm doing good today especially since I found out I could win a Jennifer L Armentrout book!!

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