Title: Earth Angel (Falling Angels #2)
Author: E. Van Lowe
Publication: December 8, 2011
Publisher: White Whisker Books

Synopsis: Just because Megan Barnett recently defeated Satan, has a fantastic new best friend, and has won the love of deliciously handsome, Guy Matson, doesn’t mean her troubles are over. Far from it. For Megan doesn’t realize it, but in her possession is a powerful weapon, a weapon sought after by both angels and demons and everything in between. They will do ANYTHING to get it.

In E. Van Lowe’s humorous, romantic and thrilling sequel to Boyfriend From Hell, Megan winds up in a gripping life or death battle to save herself, the boy she loves, and all of mankind from unthinkable evil.

All books in the Falling Angels Saga are .99 cents on the 9th and 10th of this month only!

About the author

How I Became A TV Writer
People always ask me how I got started writing for television.  Growing up in New York I had no desire to write for TV or film.  I knew I was destined to become a playwright/novelist.  I’m lucky enough to say I am a playwright and a novelist, but most of my career has been spent writing for TV and some film.

In college I had written my first horror novel, Child’s Play, under the pseudonym Sal Conte.  My mentor/professor from USC, Shelly Lowenkopf had high hopes for the novel.  And since he did, so did I.  I envisioned getting one of those dream advances.  I would become a media darling like my idol, Stephen King, taking up the author’s seat on late-night couches.  That didn’t come to pass.

After Child’s Play was rejected by all the major houses, I got the manuscript back from my agent.  Talk about being depressed!!! Dejected, I went to a newsstand and was looking over paperback original horror titles.  Many of them seemed to be similar to the kind of book I had written.  I stood at the newsstand and scrawled down the names of publishers. I sent letters to a number of the publishers and heard back from Dorchester Publishing saying they’d like to have a read.  I sent them the manuscript and a few weeks later I received a contract in the mail.  The advance was $5000.  While I was ecstatic, I knew if I wanted to write full time I needed a writing gig that paid a whole lot more.

I was lamenting my situation to a friend who said “why don’t you try writing for TV?”  My brother and I watched lots of TV when we were kids.  I mean LOTS of TV.  lol. Having watched so much, I felt I had a good handle on TV, but I’d never seen a teleplay.  I’d spent three at USC and not bothered to look at anything dealing with television.

The calling card for a TV writer is his/her spec script.  A spec is an episode of a popular show that you write.  You have to make sure you don’t write subjects the show has already covered, and you have to sound exactly like the show.  That was the challenge for me: fresh idea on a popular show, while capturing the characters voices exactly.  It’s not as easy as it seems.  You need a good script, and a lot of luck to get the right people to read it.

Eleven spec scripts later, my luck kicked in.  I met a producer at MTM, one of the major production companies back then—Taxi, Bob Newhart and The Mary Tyler-Moore Show.  It was Mary’s company—MTM.  The producer was honest enough to tell me I was doing everything wrong.  I’d done it all wrong ELEVEN TIMES!  Damn! Luckily he mentored me on writing a new spec script the right way.  The script caught the eye of a few big companies.  Both wanted to sign me.  Happy days.  I signed with Universal in 1985, and haven’t looked back.  For Universal TV I wrote, He’s The Mayor, Charles In Charge and Knight Rider.  One thing I knew when I started working was one day I would return to writing books.  Books were my first love. What I didn’t realize is it would take sooo long.   But here I am.  

That’s how it happened for me.  I kept writing and eventually got lucky.  That’s secret the formula for success as a writer—if you keep working hard, eventually you’ll get lucky.   Today, I’m lucky enough to have written the books in The Falling Angels Saga.  I loved writing those books.  I hope you’ll pick one up and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Thanks for listening to me ramble.


This book sounds interesting; I like angel books. ;)

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