My summer has been amazing so far! Thanks for the giveaway. <3

Could be more exciting (since I'm mostly sitting at home), but it's been great at the same time (:

My summer has been great! I got a lot of books and can't wait to read 'em all :)

My summer has been going by way too fast! We're looking forward to an upcoming vacation soon, which is awesome.

My summer has been amazing so far. I'm a teacher so I have two months off to relax, renew and read!

My summer has been hot - which means that I can stay inside in the air conditioning and read without feeling guilty!

My summer has been great, got a trip planned to California in two weeks ready to go.. Hot here in Oklahoma..

Summer has been hot and rainy :( I am ready for winter and SNOW!!

the entire family has been sick, but we are getting better. We expect the rest of the summer to be a blast

My summer has been busy so far. Lots of writing and reading.

My summer is very stressful. I have so many things to do and not nearly enough time to read. :(

Busy, busy, busy!

Summer has been pretty good! We started our almost 3 week family vacation, longest ever for us, going to Niagara Falls, Portland Maine and Boston. Next we were going go to NYC and Hershey, PA but had to head back for a Memorial for the 3 co-workers killed in a helicopter crash...hubby's base. Not so good but we will be heading back to NYC in 2 weeks!


My summer is okay so far - too hot for my liking though!

My summer's been great! I've already taken some really fun trips, and I have more planned! I especially love all the travel time for reading :D

bot bad :3

It's been quite good :) Although it's actually winter here and not summer haha

Thanks for sharing!

andralynn7 AT gmail DOT com

It's been okay, I don't get really excited, but I'm happy though :)

Bad...lost my purse and I have a cold...

Thank you so very much I don't know how many times I have said thank you in the last three weeks lol it's funny.

Not bad. Busy, taking the kids everywhere, and HOT! well, now it is. In May it was snowing. and that's Iowa.

So far my summer has been pretty great!
To kick off the summer my mom, bro, and I went to Georgia, to the Aquarium and Sixflags.
We had such a great time! On the day we went to six flags it rained for a good majority of the day, but once it finally stopped mostly everyone had gone home so there were No lines for any of the rides, and for the last 2 hours or so we just rode everything(my favorite I think was batman).
Than once we got back, I took the initiative and got my first job ever! I work as a cashier at a grocery store, and Ive been there for about 2.5 weeks and its so fun, and gave me a chance to meet new people and become a social butterfly(because im extremely shy). and than yesterday I got my first paycheck. Wow was that a nice feeling. :) So yes, my summer so far has been pretty great!
How has yours been?

So far is okay, but i don'r like hot.

It's great so far, thank you! :D

Summer's been great! :) Lots of time with the grandparents who don't live here. :)

Technically its monsoon here in India ! So my summer was dull and boring with the only escape being awesome books but my monsoon has been great bringing new awesome books to my doorstep some of them being gifted some of them being won in Giveaways some ordered via Amazon and others from Book Sale. So its raining Books here!

- Gayatri @ Notorious Writer.

The summer has been pretty nice so far, can't really complain! =]

It's really hot here in the Netherlands, we are having a heat wave! But we also had spring weather before this hit us.. Anyways, I haven't had much time to read but I am enjoying a great summer read at the moment Whistling Past the Graveyard by Susan Crandell! Its really good!

Enjoy your summer!

So far, summer is wonderful! I am about to go on vacation to NY to see m family I haven't seen in FOREVER and I am going with my favorite people in the world!!!

Hope your is going good!

Summer is hot!!! But good none the less! I have started writing my first YA book so that's pretty awesome!

My summer so far is very fun,although it's hot..

It has been very wet, but otherwise not so bad. Just busy with work. But it is still Summertime and that is never a bad thing!

One day at a time, had surgery Monday and am on the road to recovery

Haha!! Cold!!! It's winter here in Aus!!

My Summer has been hit or miss, most of the time it hits me right in the joints with pain from all the rain and humidity! lol

Excellent, nice weather, a happy kid and great books!

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