Two months after her disappearance, a young woman's body turns up on a New Hampshire riverbank hundreds of miles from home. Now the murder victim’s identical twin, Rose Blue, tries to use her flawed psychic connection to her sister to solve the tragic case. 

Homicide Detective Luke Lennox is skeptical of her abilities and finds the mysterious newcomer a distraction. As the department’s latest hire, he has a lot to prove, and he’s learned from past experiences a personal involvement with Rose will only end in disaster. When a threatening message alerts Rose the murderer dreams of them together, Lennox must stay close to Miss Blue. With the clock ticking and a cunning killer always one step ahead, Luke reluctantly allows her close to him during his investigation. But can he protect her from the danger that lies ahead, or lose his heart and career in this deadly game of doubles?


A chill seeped into Rose Blue’s hands, through her jeans and stocking feet on the wooden kitchen floor. She paused over her unmade sandwich and stretched the cuffs of her navy turtleneck downward. 

The rip of duct tape echoed in her ears. Footsteps crunched against the stones. Closer. Closer. 

The granite counter blurred and warped into a granite ledge overhanging a river. 

The vision sucked her in. 

A shadowy figure hovered over a petite woman wearing a pink parka and lying on the ridge. Clammy strands of blond hair clung to a heart-shaped face, a face the mirror image of her own. 


Oh, God! Gooseflesh rippled up Rose’s spine. The shadow bound Dahlia’s hands and feet with gray tape, round and round. Terror flooded Rose’s chest. Goose flesh ripped across her arms. 

“Help!” she screamed before the duct tape silenced her sister’s last cry. 

Rose gasped and turned over. She was lying on the planked floor in her one bedroom apartment. What happened? The hum of the furnace kicking on followed by a flash of heat filled the first floor apartment. 

Her head ached like someone had slugged her. Near her hand, she spotted the butter knife. She grabbed the weapon and crawled toward the granite counter. Gripping the edge, she hauled herself to her feet. She held the blade in striking position while she tossed frantic glances over her shoulder to search the area. 

Was she suffering a migraine, going crazy? She listened for the creep of a footstep, the sound of breathing, any noise in her apartment. “Who’s there?”


Rose and Dahlia are twins that share a jewelry store together. I don't know many twins so reading how connected they are to each other is heart warming! Rose starts getting visions that something tragic will happen to Dahlia. Scared out of her wits, she calls her sister and no one picks up the phone. Panicking like a madwoman, she goes to the police to report a missing person. There she meets Detective Luke Lennox (insert rawr factor) who's very weary of her. Dahlia decides to pop up out of no where and tell Rose clues, and when she tells the Detective he turns the other direction. After a while she tells Luke things that no on else knows - because Dahlia told her - and he starts to believe her.

The murderer that killed Dahlia's sister is now coming after her. She's not safe, and Luke decides to keep her close. Romance ensues - my favorite parts - and while together they find out the mystery.

I love this book! To me, if a book that's supposed to be a mystery ends up very predictable I take away many stars because it's disappointing. Dead Women Tell No Lies is thankfully a book that had many twists and turns. When I tried to figure out the plot, it will change in a different direction! Of course the romance isn't a shocker… it's a romance book so them together was obviously going to happen. Otherwise the plot kept me hooked to the end.

Both Rose and Luke have chemistry; it didn't feel forced or like it "had" to happen. They really played off of each other well, I really feel like they'll be a good couple that will last for the rest of their lives. There's growth through out the book so none of the characters got boring or dull. I can really connect to Rose and feel horrible about her sister. Thankfully I haven't lost someone I care about yet… I've been lucky.

All together I give this book 5 stars. It kept me engaged, the characters are well rounded, I never felt bored or skimmed/skipped pages, and the writing is well done.

About the author:

Nora LeDuc lives in New England with husband, two children, cat, Scaredy and dog, Winter. Dead Women Tell No Lies is her tenth published book. She loves to hear from her readers.

Find her:

**Nora will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift certificate to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

I received a copy of this book from Goddess Fish for an exchange of an honest review. That in no way has influenced my review.


Everything screams at me that I am going to be drawn into this story. I think I'm going to be scared, but hooked.


Good morning, I'm so happy to be here and thank you for hosting me on my review tour. And thank you for the great review. I'm so happy your enjoyed Dead Women Tell No Lies.

Mary are you reading this early in the morning?

Thank you for hosting

This looks like a novel I must read. Thanks for letting us know it.

Thank you for hosting the event

Hi Lisa and Patricia, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Are you big mystery readers?

Great review, thank you. The story sounds very intriguing.


Hi Kit,
Nice to see you again. Thanks for stopping by. I bet you have a big TBR pile.

I love the review! Really makes me want to read the story now!

andralynn7 AT gmail DOT com

I LOVE your cat's name! If your book is as clever as Scaredy Cat, it must be a winner!

acwa (at) netscape (dot) com

I love the cover it would definetly draw me into picking up this novel

fencingromein at hotmail dot com

Thanks for the post!
And thanks for the giveaway! (:

Since I'm the mother of twins, this book sounds especially appealing to me. Thanks so much for the giveaway!
smhparent [at] hotmail [dot] com

I love a good romance mystery :) This one sounds like it also has a bit of the paranormal with the twin bond flashes. Overall sounds like a very interesting read! Going to add to my TBR right now :) Thanks! kamclauc AT gmail DOT com

Are there other stops on the review tour that I could visit? Would like to know more and get more chances of course.

There are three more stops so come along. The more the better. Tomorrow is Musings From An Addicted Reader
I'll look for you. It's nice to seen familiar names. Thanks for coming today.

Grampy, I put Scaredy in my book Pick Up Lines For Murder. She thinks she's a star though I made a boy much to her dislike in the book.

Hi Andra, nice to see you on the tour today. It's like Old Home Day. Hope you get a chance to read the book. This is a lovely site.

Hi Shannon, Yes, Niina my cover artist did a lovely job of combing the mystery and murder. She's great.

Hi Kristina, maybe your lucky day for winning is coming up! I'm not psychic but lucky feelings count.

Susan, I could have used you when I wrote the book! I did have a friend who was a twin. She told me when her sister had labor pains,she had the pains too and at first thought it was appendicitis.

Thanks for sharing your post and the giveaway! So who was your favorite character to write?

hense1kk (at) cmich (dot) edu

Rose was the easiest because I understood her well, but Dahlia was lots of fun to write because she's not always good! So I got to do things I would never do by writing her.

I think this story sounds so fascinating. I loved the excerpt.

This book sounds great and I love the excerpt.

This was a great book! The characters were interesting. I thought I had the mystery all figured out (I usually do), but the ending was surprise.

Thanks, Mom Jane, for stopping by and joining the tour.

Hi Cali, Glad to meet you here. Hope you can come along for a few more stops.

Hi Jennifer, Happy you found time to stop by. Glad the mystery remained one until the end.

Thanks for the excerpt and the chance to win!
Sounds like a great read!!
natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

You got it Natasha! Lots of good things rolled into one. Enjoy your evening and thanks for coming by.

Thanks for a great day at Reading at Twilight! Good luck to everyone.

5 star review. Terrific. I don't have a sister so I've never had that kind of bond with anybody but I can imagine it.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Daaaaaang! *Intense*
I am really looking forward to this novel!


Very nice review

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

*Finishes reading excerpt*
*Mouth gapes open*
*Chill bumps spread across arms*
Holy Moly! Can I just go ahead and say that your word choice is so exquisite! And that as I was reading, I could literally picture what was going in my head.
...This is only the excerpt, so I can only imagine how fantastic the whole book is!

I love when the mystery is unpredictable, even if the romance isn't. Sounds like a good book

Sounds like an interesting book.

Thanks for a great review. This book sounds really good.

kareninnc at gmail dot com

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