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Sarah Brooks wrote a wonderful article for the blog about being motivated and inspired through books. Take a look below, it's wonderful advice!


Reading means different things to each person picking up a book, creating highly personalized experiences that become difficult to separate from individual readers.  Perception, experience, point of view and other personal perspectives become woven with the text as we read, leading to unique relationships between authors and those who read their works.  Despite the personal nature of reading, there are some universal benefits to be enjoyed, including these reasons reading keeps you motivated and inspired.

Stimulate Creative Thought - Modern living presents challenges and obligations requiring our full attention, most times.  Facing daily responsibilities and working out issues in our lives keeps us on point addressing tangible concerns, so creative thinking often falls by the wayside.  Reading helps rejuvenate creative thoughts, helping us think in new ways.  While daily deliberation is pedestrian and pragmatic, reading carries the potential for drama, suspense and even absurdity.  Creativity provides the perfect contrast to mundane daily routines, so a good book or article furnishes a stimulating departure from pedantic rituals.

Learn Something about Yourself - Reading spurs introspection and helps us reflect on our own lives.  Through characters, settings and plot lines, authors find ways to stimulate personal epiphanies; furthering our understanding of what motivates and inspires us. We read for many reasons, but even reading purely for enjoyments spurs contemplation within us, leading to expanded self-awareness and personal revelations.  Many times, a nugget gleaned from a piece of literature prompts us to dig deeper within the same subject matter, yielding additional opportunities for personal enlightenment.

Escape/Distraction - Physically stepping away from the stresses of work and domestic responsibilities is not always possible, so reading serves a valuable function helping people cope with the weight of modern living.  Entering a reality created by an author allows us to step away from our own existence for a time, furnishing motivation and inspiration to apply to our own lives.  The relaxing impact of reading actually helps mitigate stress in our lives, furnishing tangible assistance, at times.  Consider the things that stress you out.  Money, for example, is a common stressor, so reading a book or feature about financial management helps ease anxiety related to cash flow. Escaping our own circumstances also helps us empathize with others, as we walk through various scenarios created by authors.  Though characters and settings may not be real, escaping to their contrived realities allows us to share their viewpoints as we read.

Satisfy Curiosity - Expanding your body of knowledge, even just to satisfy curiosity, is a vital function of reading. Whether you are responding to a particular notion, or simply reinforcing your understanding of broad subjects; reading makes you smarter.  Even fiction exposes readers to new ideas and modes of thinking, so learning new things happens passively for readers, who stumble across enlightenment without even trying.

Travel Without Leaving Home - Travelers draw inspiration from the people and places they visit.  While it isn't the same as actually being there, reading enables us to place ourselves in entirely new settings, without ever leaving home.  Visiting new locales isn't always possible in real life, so taking excursions through reading furnishes the next best option. In fact, new worlds created by authors sometimes stand alone in fiction, so visiting them in person is not even possible.  
Reading inspires us in individual ways, furnishing avenues to explore using our own personal perspectives, experiences, and desires.  The transformative power of reading helps us understand ourselves and the world around us, providing distractions and pathways to knowledge.

Author Bio:
This is a guest post by Sarah Brooks from best people search. She is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to

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