Book One
Cassie Scot: Paranormal Detective

Cassie Scot is the ungifted daughter of powerful sorcerers, born between worlds but belonging to neither. At 21, all she wants is to find a place for herself, but earning a living as a private investigator in the shadow of her family’s reputation isn’t easy. When she is pulled into a paranormal investigation, and tempted by a powerful and handsome sorcerer, she will have to decide where she truly belongs.

Book Two
Secrets and Lies

Cassie Scot, still stinging from her parents’ betrayal, wants out of the magical world. But it isn’t letting her go. Her family is falling apart and despite everything, it looks like she may be the only one who can save them.

To complicate matters, Cassie owes Evan her life, making it difficult for her to deny him anything he really wants. And he wants her. Sparks fly when they team up to find two girls missing from summer camp, but long-buried secrets may ruin their hopes for happiness.

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Excerpt from book #1:

My parents think the longer the name, the more powerful the sorcerer, so they named me Cassandra Morgan Ursula Margaret Scot. You can call me Cassie.

I've been called a lot of things in my life: normal, ordinary, and even a disappointment. After the Harry Potter books came out, a couple of people called me a squib. Since I haven't read them, I have to assume it's a compliment. 

Personally, I prefer normal, which is why the sign on my office door reads: Cassie Scot, Normal Detective.

You have to understand that around here, when your last name is Scot, people are easily confused. Not only are my parents powerful practitioners, but I have six talented brothers and sisters. Plus, my family hasn't always been known for its subtlety. When weird stuff happens around here, the people who are willing to believe in magic are prone to suspect the Scots.

The day I opened for business I got a call from an old woman who swore her cat was possessed by the devil. She also swore she'd read my web site, which clearly stated the types of work I did and did not do. Exorcisms were on the No list, and while I hadn't specified pet exorcisms, I would have thought it was implicit.

About the author:

Award-winning author Christine Amsden has written stories since she was eight, always with a touch of the strange or unusual. She became a “serious” writer in 2003, after attending a boot camp with Orson Scott Card. She finished Touch of Fate shortly afterward, then penned The Immortality Virus, which won two awards. Expect many more titles by this up-and-coming author.

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On the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination comes a new edition of the extraordinary time-travel thriller first published in 2003 with a new Afterword from the authors.

On November 22, 1963, just hours after President Kennedy’s assassination, Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President aboard Air Force One using JFK’s own Bible. Immediately afterward, the Bible disappeared. It has never been recovered. Today, its value would be beyond price. 

In the year 2000, actress Cady Cuyler is recruited to return to 1963 for this Bible—while also discovering why her father disappeared in the same city, on the same tragic day. Finding frightening links between them will lead Cady to a far more perilous mission: to somehow prevent the President’s murder, with one unlikely ally: an ex-Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald.

Forward to Camelot: 50th Anniversary Edition brings together an unlikely trio: a gallant president, the young patriot who risks his own life to save him, and the woman who knows their future, who is desperate to save them both. 

History CAN be altered …


The man in the doorway was yawning, and his bright chestnut hair, flecked with threads of gray, was tousled. He wore half glasses down on his nose and held a thick typewritten report in one hand. His navy silk tie was pulled down, his white shirt was rumpled. His eyes, though bloodshot, focused on us politely.
I was face to face with President John F. Kennedy.
He looked at us, puzzled, and glanced around the empty hallway.
I knew if I didn’t speak that I’d never have another chance, but I couldn’t think of a thing to say. The President looked at us, raised an eyebrow.
Quick, Cady, say something. “Mr. President, my name is Cady Cuyler.” Beside me, I felt Lee start at the words. “I’ve come a long way to speak to you. Please, it’s very urgent.”
He was still puzzled. “Where’s my Secret Service detail?”
I took a deep breath. In for a penny, in for a pound. “They’re out drinking at a nightclub called The Cellar, here in Fort Worth. They left some Fort Worth firemen to guard you. They’ll be pretty hung over in the morning.”
Kennedy looked down at me. His eyes were a bit brighter, though it was now close to 2:00 a.m.  He looked over at Lee, who gave him a tense smile, and stood almost at military attention. He looked back at me and asked quietly, “And how do you know this?”
It was time. His hand was on the doorknob. Almost imperceptibly, he was inching it shut. 
I took a deep breath. “I’ll tell you, but you’re not going to believe me.” I waited; he waited too. But he was listening; I still had a chance.
“I’m from the future. I don’t live in Dallas in 1963. I live in New York in the year 2000. I’m here to warn you, sir, and save you if I can. If you don’t listen to me now… you’re going to die in less than 12 hours.”

Oswald had turned to me in alarm. Kennedy’s gray eyes never left my face while I spoke. When I stopped, hoping, praying I had reached him, he glanced down for a moment, then down the hall. All was quiet, the annoying yellow lights still burning overhead. Like casinos in Vegas, it was impossible to know from the artificial light in the hotel whether it was noon or midnight.
“You’re right,” the President said in that distinctive accent. “I don’t believe you.” He started to close the door in my face.
Before he could, I was talking again, as quickly and persuasively as I could. “Why would I make up a story like that? It makes no sense. Unless it was true!”
His gaze was even and noncommittal, but at least he’d stopped closing the door. “Can you prove it?”

About the author:

SUSAN SLOATE is the author of 20 previous books, including the recent bestseller Stealing Fire and Realizing You (with Ron Doades), for which she invented a new genre: the self-help novel. The original 2003 edition of Forward to Camelot became a #6 Amazon bestseller, took honors in three literary competitions and was optioned by a Hollywood company for film production.

Susan has also written young-adult fiction and non-fiction, including the children’s biography Ray Charles: Find Another Way!, which won the silver medal in the 2007 Children’s Moonbeam Awards. Mysteries Unwrapped: The Secrets of Alcatraz led to her 2009 appearance on the TV series MysteryQuest on The History Channel. Amelia Earhart: Challenging the Skies is a perennial young-adult Amazon bestseller. She has also been a sportswriter and a screenwriter, managed two recent political campaigns and founded an author’s festival in her hometown outside Charleston, SC.

After beginning his career as a television news and sports writer-producer, KEVIN FINN moved on to screenwriting and has authored more than a dozen screenplays. He is a freelance script analyst and has worked for the prestigious American Film Institute Writer’s Workshop Program. He now produces promotional trailers, independent film projects including the 2012 documentary SETTING THE STAGE: BEHIND THE SCENES WITH THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE, and local content for Princeton Community Television.

His next novel, Banners Over Brooklyn, will be released in 2014.


What inspired you to write this book?
I’ve been fascinated all my life by the Kennedy assassination; it happened when I was very young and it affected me more than I realized. Then when I saw Oliver Stone’s movie JFK in 1992, I began thinking about it seriously – ‘what if I could go back in time, knowing what I know, and somehow stop the killing of the president?’ I think that’s how it started—musing on what I could do. Eventually I realized there was a story here, but it was so complex and had so many layers that I just couldn’t handle it alone. Luckily I knew Kevin Finn, knew what a terrific writer he was and especially how great he was with story problems. And really luckily, he was fascinated by Kennedy too. So it was a great match!

What characters do you connect with most?
Certainly with our heroine, Cady Cuyler (rhymes with Tyler). Cady is a highly glamorized version of me – me as I’d like to be – so it’s easy to identify with her. And after all the research Kevin and I did, I connected very deeply with both Kennedy and Oswald. I felt as though I knew them, as though they were friends. When the book was finished, I really did feel a certain grief that they were receding from me. 

What's your favorite book-turned movie?
Oh, boy, there are so many! 

I loved GONE WITH THE WIND as a novel before I saw the movie and was disappointed in the movie when I first saw it, because the book had so much more in it. But I’ve seen the movie many times since that first time and realize it really is one of the great movies ever.

ATLAS SHRUGGED is one of my favorite novels, and the movie has just begun to come out. The first two parts (of three) have been released, and the third is in the process now. Can’t wait!

I also thought the HARRY POTTER books were amazing movies; they didn’t miss a single important episode and they were wonderfully done.

If you could be best friends with one of your characters, who would it be?
Can you tell us about any other books you're writing?

Actually I have three novels out at the same time, right now!  STEALING FIRE is a mainstream love story set in 1980’s New York that was published in August and has already gone to #2 in its category on Amazon. CAMELOT came out this month. 

REALIZING YOU (co-authored with Ron Doades) is a self-help NOVEL; we actually pioneered a new genre to teach important life principles through fiction, with fully-realized characters and situations. That came out in late September—so in the last 90 days, I’ve actually published 3 books in 3 different genres! I don’t know if that’s ever been done before.

What do you do in your spare time?
Read, of course! I’m always reading something, and quite often it has nothing to do with the book I’m currently writing. I just love to read and learn new things. I spend time with my younger son (my oldest just left for college, which has been quite an experience). I’m working on getting fit again, exercising, walking, running and dancing. And I serve on my town’s Culture, Arts & Pride Commission, and we’re always doing projects to boost cultural awareness and town pride. It’s a lot of fun.

Who's your inspiration?
Many people have inspired me throughout my life. If I had to pick a writer, it would probably be Dick Francis, who flew for the RAF during World War II, had an amazing career as a champion jockey (he rode for the Queen Mother for years), and when he hung up his racing boots started yet another career—mystery writer—which turned out to be his biggest success, writing more than 40 books which are simply outstanding. Someone giving so much to others just by the way he lives his life, to me, is the most outstanding example, and it’s really inspiring.

If you were stranded on a desert island which character do you want by your side?
Cady, our heroine in FORWARD TO CAMELOT! She’s so resourceful and courageous that I know she’d figure out how to get back to the mainland!

Team Edward or Jacob? 
No clue what this means. Seriously.

Team Peeta or Gale?
Or this either.

What are you reading now?
An interesting autobiography titled ME AND LEE. It’s about a woman who in her late teens was a gifted science student interested in curing cancer. In the course of her scientific research, she ended up working with some extremely important doctors also doing cancer research—and at the same time, she met and fell in love with Lee Harvey Oswald, just a few months before the JFK assassination. (I’m still fascinated by the assassination and still read all kinds of books about it.) Oswald was connected to these doctors, and what they were really working on was a project to create an aggressive cancer they could inject into Fidel Castro to kill him and free Cuba.

What fascinates me most about this is a writing phenomenon I am at a loss to explain, but I’ve seen it demonstrated time and time again. Ten years ago, when Kevin and I first published FORWARD TO CAMELOT, this woman’s book had not been written, though I heard rumors, as we were finishing the book, about her. I didn’t read this book till just now—yet everything we theorized about the assassination ten years ago is, according to her book, absolutely true, right down to the person who supposedly planned it. 

I can’t really explain this. Writing something and then having it happen, or finding out it’s real, is something that several writers I know have had happen to them, and it’s happened to me before, too. So this book has meant a lot to me, because it confirms for me that even ten years ago, we were on the right track.

Thanks for letting me visit today. I’ve really enjoyed being here!


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Title: Entrusted
Author: Connie Ann Michael
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Release Date: 18 November, 2013
Goodreads | Amazon | Smashwords | Trailer

Thrust into a world of Native American legends about Skinwalkers and Ancient Ones, Emma Hunter finds herself in the middle of a battle for a heart holding great powers – A heart hidden within her.
Seventeen-year-old Emma wants what every teenage girl wants: a life that revolves around school, her friends, and a boyfriend who only has eyes for her. Little does she know that in order to get one, she must sacrifice the other two. After a series of events put into motion by Luke, the boy she thought loved her, Emma is kicked out of her group home and her school. Her best friend mysteriously vanishes and now she’s forced to move to a secluded coastal town, where she hopes to escape Luke’s obsessive control.  Instead, she finds her dreams invaded not only by Luke, but Solomon, a mysterious Native American warrior sent to protect her. 
But when Solomon shows up in her reality to explain he’s her protector, she soon learns that he’s so much more. As Emma struggles to understand what’s happening to her, she must also deal with her undeniable attraction to Solomon. Their connection is stronger than anything Emma has ever experienced before and now she must decide: can she trust him with her heart? And just how far will she go to protect it?

About the Author:

Connie Ann Michael was raised a city girl, but was converted to a country girl after college and now resides in a speck of a town in Central Washington State.  She is married to her former boss as she worked at the local Pizza place and has two college age boys that provide endless material for her books.  She loves the outdoors and can be found mountain biking, kayaking, or camping with her family.  Being a busy family, she can be found working on her newest novel while on long road trips.

My daily life is in one word, BUSY.

I get up at 4:30 so I can get to the gym by 5:00 and then run for an hour.  I work as a teacher so I get to work around 6:30 and prep for my day with the munchkins.  Currently, since it is early in the year I don't have any extra minutes, but later in the year I will write during my lunch.  I am very lucky because I am done working around 3:00 and have time to do errands and take care of stuff for my son who is a senior.  In the past I had two boys at home and writing was rarely a possibility during the daylight hours.  I have more time now.  I make dinner, although I am a horrible cook, and visit with the family.  I try to get to writing around 7:00 or 8:00 every night.  I do not write on Friday nights because of football games or basketball or Saturdays because there are cross country meets.  So you can see my writing time is squished into the in-between minutes of a busy working mom.  I carry a notebook everywhere I go so I can write when ideas pop in my head.

You can find and contact Connie Ann Michael here:
- Goodreads


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Most of the world's seventeen billion people are unconscious, perpetually serving their employers as part of massive brain trusts. The ecosystem has collapsed, and corporations control all of the world's resources and governments. A bedraggled alcoholic known as the Prophet predicts nineteen year-old waitress Eadie will lead a revolution, but how can she prevail when hunted by a giant corporation and the Federal Angels it directs?


The man’s mouth hung open as he stared at her face. His long, ashen hair had shifted, revealing a smudge of grease or dirt that made an almost perfect circle on his forehead.

 “Sir? Are you all right?”

His eyes widened. “It is you,” he said. “At last. I have been looking forward to meeting you for such a long, long time.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry it took me so long to get to your table, sir. I just clocked in.”

He blinked slowly, pondering her response. “Ah,” he said. “You are a waitress, still.  Well, then, General, I would have a cup of Vibrantia, if it pleases you.” The man’s expression never altered and his lips remained mostly still as he spoke, making it seem as though his voice was coming from somewhere or someone else.

Eadie clenched her teeth, trying not to laugh, though his words made her feel as though she was being tickled with a feather along her spine. “I’m sorry, sir. This is a corporate restaurant owned by McGuillian Corporation, so we synthesize only McGuillian patents. We have Synapsate but not Vibrantia. Would that be all right?”

“Of course, General. That would be lovely, if it pleases you.”

 “Okay, sir. And my name is Eadie, by the way.”

 “Thank you, General Eadie. And, if you like, you may address me as many have lately come to do. I am the Prophet.”

About the author:

Mark D. Diehl writes novels about power dynamics and the way people and organizations influence each other. He believes that obedience and conformity are becoming humanity’s most important survival skills, and that we are thus evolving into a corporate species. 
Diehl has: been homeless in Japan, practiced law with a major multinational firm in Chicago, studied in Singapore, fled South Korea as a fugitive, and been stranded in Hong Kong. 

After spending most of his youth running around with hoods and thugs, he eventually earned his doctorate in law at the University of Iowa and did graduate work in creative writing at the University of Chicago. He currently lives and writes in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.


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Title: Splintered
Author: A.G. Howard
Publication: January 1st, 2013
Publisher: Amulet Books
Rating: 5/5
Amazon | B&N | The Book Depository


This stunning debut captures the grotesque madness of a mystical under-land, as well as a girl’s pangs of first love and independence. Alyssa Gardner hears the whispers of bugs and flowers—precisely the affliction that landed her mother in a mental hospital years before. This family curse stretches back to her ancestor Alice Liddell, the real-life inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alyssa might be crazy, but she manages to keep it together. For now.

When her mother’s mental health takes a turn for the worse, Alyssa learns that what she thought was fiction is based in terrifying reality. The real Wonderland is a place far darker and more twisted than Lewis Carroll ever let on. There, Alyssa must pass a series of tests, including draining an ocean of Alice’s tears, waking the slumbering tea party, and subduing a vicious bandersnatch, to fix Alice’s mistakes and save her family. She must also decide whom to trust: Jeb, her gorgeous best friend and secret crush, or the sexy but suspicious Morpheus, her guide through Wonderland, who may have dark motives of his own.

My thoughts:

The plot

The books starts with Alyssa ignoring the talking bugs. You heard me: bugs. They talk to her and she thinks she's going crazy like her mother who's in an insane asylum. She realizes her mother is acting insane in order to protect her and stumbles into wonderland to save her. Jeb - her next door neighbor and crush - ends up going with her. They meet characters in the original Wonderland story but with a dark twist. It's literally madness and mayhem all over the world. She teams up with Morpheus who was her childhood friend to save her mother.

Let's start with Alyssa

What I love about Alyssa is how strong she is. Her childhood is a bit of a blur but she holds on to her sanity and follows her heart. She's scared in Wonderland (who wouldn't be? I mean, it's seriously a dark place) but Jeb keeps her in a reality check. At first, she's confused about everything and unsure of herself. After a while she grows into what she was born to do - save Wonderland - and you see the transformation in her. It's always fun to see characters change through out the book! When she meets Morpheus the love interest flips and she's confused about who her heart belongs to.

Jeb - Alyssa's neighbor and love interest

Jeb is very strong and reliable. Through out the book you can see how much he cares for Alyssa; it's adorable! He's the rock Alyssa leans on when she's in trouble emotionally and physically. Some people who are on team Morpheus say that Jeb is too overprotective and controlling. I don't believe this… Alyssa is strong enough to be on her own, Jeb is there to help her. He can get bossy sometimes but it's not insanely pushy and it's for Alyssa's own good. Jeb has a kind heart and he's perfect for her!

He had a hard childhood; his father was very abusive to him. It's heartbreaking what he had to go through, but Alyssa was there to keep him company. They have a lot of history together and it's nice to see a relationship like that. (TEAM JEB <3)

Morpheus - Member of Wonderland and Alyssa's other love interest

Morpheus is a fun character to read about. He always has ulterior motives and you never know what going on in his head. You can't trust him; he's a willy one. Alyssa also grew up with Morpheus but didn't realize it until she saw him. She was visiting him in her dreams and they talked about Wonderland. I'm sitting here trying to think what to say about him but it's hard since he's so complex. Like Jeb he cares for Alyssa greatly, it's harder to see it because he's so aloof. I believe Alyssa is only attracted to him because he's a part of the madness and mayhem and she's getting addicted to that (and doesn't like that part about herself). It's hard… he does care for her but he's also selfish and vain. I can't get a good grip on him.

The writing

My GOD the world building was amazing! Wonderland is, again, very dark and twisted. Characters are kind of freaky looking and I know if I stumbled in Wonderland I'd RUN AWAY because it's like nightmares! The characters were written with passion; my feelings towards them were deep. All the emotions going through Alyssa's head and her actions where well thought out. I never felt like she was stupid for making a decision. The book cover represents the plot very well. Splintered is definitely one of my favorite books this year! PICK IT UP!

This post will have Kelly Hashway - author of Touch of Death - live chat! She will be talking about her books, herself, and questions you have! Please tweet #KellyLiveChat if you want to ask Kelly a question.

Series: The Emile Reed Chronicles #2
Release date: August 4th 2013

Every choice that you make has a consequence.

When Emile Reed went back to Vesta Corp to save her loved ones, she'd been deprogrammed. Thirteen had regained control, forcing her to become a prisoner inside of her own body. She has been left to live alongside Thirteen, able to hear everything that occurs around her, but unable to react…until she sees him.

He reawakens her past and gives Emile the strength she needs to overpower Thirteen. Having regained control of her body and her mind, Emile now has to face the fact that her past decisions have hurt those that she loves the most: her family.

Alexis Ward never meant to hurt anyone, but she did.

Her choices ended up hurting both Emile and Hayden Reed, effectively ending their lives outside of Vesta Corp. When her uncle brings her to Vesta Corp, trying to force her into taking part in the family business, Alexis is forced to face the consequences of her decisions when she comes face to face with both Hayden and Emile.

In order to survive, they’ll need to let go of their pasts, and find the strength within themselves to fight back against McVeigh.

This is the second novel in the Emile Reed Chronicles. 


Nicole Sobon is the Young Adult ficiton writer of the exciting Emile Reed Chronicles, the Outbreak Duology, No Place Like Home, and various short stories. 


1. What inspired you to write this book?
I actually got the idea for this series from the television show Dollhouse. I loved the idea of the technology and what it was able to do, and I was interested in seeing what else one could do with that kind of tech. When I started writing down ideas, the character of Emile came first, followed by the idea of Vesta Corp and Charles McVeigh.

2. What characters do you connect with most?
I’d have to say that I connect with Emile the most. She is a strong character, driven by her love of her family and friends. She wants to protect the people that she cares about, no matter the risk. There’s a huge growth between the first book and the last book. She doesn’t always make the best decisions, but she always has the best intentions.

3. What's your favorite book-turned movie?
My favorite book-turned movie, so far, is The Hunger Games. I was surprised at how great of an adaption it was, and I’m super excited to see Catching Fire hit the big screen.

4. If you could be best friends with one of your characters, who would it be?
Colton! I absolutely adore him. He really shines in Deprogrammed and Rebooted. He’s adorable and strong willed, and he’s an all around great friend.

5. Can you tell us about any other books you're writing?
I’m working on Rebooted (The Emile Reed Chronicles, #3) and Collide, a standalone New Adult novel right now. Rebooted will conclude Emile’s story. It’s scheduled for a late December release. As for Collide, that is a New Adult contemporary novel which is a first for me. It’s very romance heavy, but it also touches on a heavy subject (drug addiction). I’ve rewritten this book at least five times now, but I’m finally happy with it and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

6. What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time I do a lot of reading, I toy with photography, I play a decent amount of video games, and I binge watch shows on Netlix/spend a lot of time at the movies. Most of my spare time goes to writing though since I work a full time job.

7. Who's your inspiration?
Writing Inspiration? Well, I can’t pick just one, so I’m going to cheat: Joss Whedon, Suzanne Collins, and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

8. If you were stranded on a desert island which character do you want by your side?
If I’m picking from my series? I’d pick Hayden. He’d be the most resourceful on a deserted island.

9. Team Edward or Jacob?
This is a question I haven’t been asked in some time, haha. Team Edward. Even though he was a bit too much at times, I still preferred Bella with him rather than Jacob.

10. Team Peeta or Gale?
I’m going to go with Team Katniss. I know, that is a cop out, but it’s true.

11. What are you reading now?

I’m currently reading Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout! I adore this series and I’m sad to see it come to an end, so I’m taking my sweet time.

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Title: All Our Yesterdays
Author: Cristin Terrill
Publication: September 3rd, 2013
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Rating: 5 out 5

Synopsis: "You have to kill him." Imprisoned in the heart of a secret military base, Em has nothing except the voice of the boy in the cell next door and the list of instructions she finds taped inside the drain.

Only Em can complete the final instruction. She’s tried everything to prevent the creation of a time machine that will tear the world apart. She holds the proof: a list she has never seen before, written in her own hand. Each failed attempt in the past has led her to the same terrible present—imprisoned and tortured by a sadistic man called the doctor while war rages outside. 

Marina has loved her best friend James since the day he moved next door when they were children. A gorgeous, introverted science prodigy from one of America’s most famous families, James finally seems to be seeing Marina in a new way, too. But on one disastrous night, James’s life crumbles apart, and with it, Marina’s hopes for their future. Now someone is trying to kill him. Marina will protect James, no matter what. Even if it means opening her eyes to a truth so terrible that she may not survive it. At least not as the girl she once was. 

All Our Yesterdays is a wrenching, brilliantly plotted story of fierce love, unthinkable sacrifice, and the infinite implications of our every choice.


The plot

This dystopian-type book is about three friends Em (aka Marina), James, and Finn. James is a genius and figures out a way to create a time machine. He basically turns into an evil psychopath and tortures Em and Finn for something Em stole. Em finds a way to escape with Finn and jumps into the past to kill James in order for the dystopian future world to be moot.

Let's start with Em & Marina

The point of views are of Marina (known as Em in the future) as a 16 year old and 20 year old. Marina is desperately in love with James. They're childhood friends and she'll go to the depths of the earth to follow him. She's very weak minded and unsure of herself; it's stated by Em that Marina doesn't like who she is at that point in her life. Em on the other hand is strong-willed and cold. She was on the run from James and in that time lost her playfulness, youth, and innocents. It was very hard to read about how and why she became a disturbed adult. When Em is out of her cell and on the run with Finn it's her goal to kill younger James in order to stop the horrible future.

James (aka Doctor) - Marina's love interest

James is a very awkward individual. He has feelings for Marina but we don't really understand what kind. His big brother, who raised him, gets killed in the middle of a crowd and we see James turn into a confused boy, which eventually will turn into the Doctor. The Doctor is a nickname Em gives James when he starts torturing her for information. I really wanted to hate James for all of the stuff he did to Em, but when you take a look at younger James you can see his innocents. I'm on the fence about him. Sometimes I really loved him, and when he turns into the Doctor you just want to squeeze his guts out. *grunts*

Finn - Em's love interest

Once James goes rouge Finn and Em are hunted. Both of them flee together and a relationship starts to grow. I really liked Finn because of his background. He's very poor - Marina and James are a part of politician houses so they're rich - and tries to make the best of things. He gets as wounded as Em and that brings both of them closer.

The writing

Everything moved at a really fast pace; this is the type of book I like. It was hard for me to grasp that Em was Marina since it wasn't explained, but it would have been nice to know which is why I put it in this review. In this type of book I would think the romance would be forced, but it flowed very nicely. If you were to say "which team are you on?" I'd say Finn because he's the jokester and carefree type. James is uptight and doesn't really know how to act around people. Terrill was very good at writing both past and future together so it wasn't confusing or too much. Once Em is reunited with James it's easy to see the love she had for him; it can never be lost. I loved this book and recommend it!

Title: Revelations: Book One of the Merlin Chronicles
Author: Daniel Diehl
Genre: Fantasy
Imprint: Mythos Press – GMTA Publishing
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Merlin the Magician only exists in myth and legend – at least that’s what archaeology student Jason Carpenter thought until he discovered the mysterious orb that had housed history’s greatest wizard for 1,600 years.
Forced into an uneasy alliance, Jason and Merlin are sucked into a web of deceit, intrigue and murder that sends them on a chaotic race to outwit, and out run, Merlin’s ancient nemesis, the evil sorceress Morgana le Fay, her gang of drug smugglers and a 500 year-old Chinese necromancer. Tis a race against time to complete their quest before an army of dragons are unleashed on a vulnerable and unsuspecting 21st century world.

About the Author:

Daniel Diehl has been an author, writer and investigative historian for thirty-five years. For nearly twenty years Diehl has been involved in writing for publication and documentary television production. Mr. Diehl’s work has won awards from the Houston (Texas) Film Festival, the National Trust for Historic Preservation (US) and the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Arts Foundation. Working alone and as a part of the multi-award winning team of Daniel Diehl and Mark Donnelly, Diehl has produced work in two main categories; trade publication and television documentary scripts. His canon of work includes twenty non-fiction books (which have been translated into ten foreign languages), one previous work of fiction and scripts for more than one hundred and seventy hours of documentary television primarily for A&E Network, The History Channel, History International, Biography Channel and Discovery Network.
Connect with Daniel:

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Leanna Matthews enjoys flying below the radar. She does well in school, has a few close friends and hides the fact she’s an astral-traveling telekinetic. But there’s no escaping her creepy dreams or Simora, the bizarre little spirit lady, that suddenly pops out of nowhere to warn her against keeping secrets and predicts an encounter with a sinister evil. For the first time in forever someone…or something…is on to her.

But life turns around when Leanna meets Piper one sunny afternoon. She’s inexplicably drawn to him, almost as if she’s been waiting for him to come. Forbidden to have a boyfriend Leanna throws caution to the wind, lying to her family and friends to be with him, while ignoring Simora’s ominous message.

Yet Piper has a secret of his own. He is on a mission and Leanna, unwittingly, is the key.

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Leanna Matthews craved for ordinary in the least extraordinary way.  She enjoyed a few close friends, shopping at the mall and perhaps a nice romance novel every now and again.  Routine was good, early mornings were better…and life was extremely complicated.

She squirmed restlessly in Biology – the final, insufferable class of the day – listening to Ms. Alvarado drone on-and-on about non-polar bonds in her last, torturous act of the term.  Somewhere between ‘atom’ and ‘electronegativity,’ Leanna nodded off, nearly conking her head on the desk while daydreaming of summer vacation:  shopping, beach, friends, shopping, vacation, shopping, sun, shopping, but not necessarily in that order.  

Someone snickered from behind, no doubt amused by her wobbly head, as her eyelids grew heavier.  Shut-up Ms. Alvarado, she thought bitterly.  Thank God that in less than 20 minutes ninth grade would be officially over!  School, and all its stupid inhabitants (present company included), would be history for a good two months; or rather two months too short - but it didn’t matter.  Somewhere a beach chair sat waiting on white, fluffy sand and a plane ticket had her name stamped all over it.  The fun was just about to begin!

Or so she thought.

That next morning, instead of awakening to the sweet taste of freedom, Leanna lay whimpering, shivering feverishly in her sleep.  She curled tightly into a knot as a tiny beam of light crept through the shutters while she slept, casting eerie shadows on the wall - one of which grew abnormally in size until completely encircling the white canopy bed.

About the author:

By day, Keira des Anges has the distinct pleasure of assisting teenagers with disabilities find employment, empowering one life at a time. By night, she is a chew toy for her dog and cat and avid reader of anything spooky, magical and totally out of this world.  She lives in sunny Florida with her husband and two kids.

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Title: War of the Wildlands
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Publisher: AxeLord Publications
Date of Publication: November 2013


Unrelenting war between humans and elves threatens to destroy the forest forever.

A tyrant king has declared war on the elves and will stop at nothing to see them annihilated. Despite fighting savagely to defend their homes, the elves are outmatched by vicious attacks from highly skilled battle mages. The elven clans must join forces to have any chance of survival against the ruthless king’s army.

Meanwhile, a young half-elf is forced from the human world he has always known and travels into the Wildlands to seek out his elven kin. Along the way, he learns to draw on the magic within himself to craft weapons of tremendous power. When war arrives on his doorstep, he must choose whether to stand with the family he has always known or the elves who share his blood.

About the Author:

Lana Axe lives in Missouri near the edge of the woods. She is inspired by her love of nature to write about elves, magic, and adventure. Growing up in Mark Twain's backyard inspired her love of fiction from an early age. She grew up an avid reader and went on to study literature in college.

After eight years of jotting notes and building a fantasy world, she has finally begun releasing novels in her Tales from Nōl'Deron series. They will feature many of the same characters, but each novel will stand alone.

With the release of War of the Wildlands, the second novel in my Tales from Nōl’Deron series, I want to take a moment to explain a little bit about the series itself. It is not your typical fantasy series. It does not require three separate novels to solve a single problem. Tales from Nōl’Deron is a collection of stories taking place in the same fantasy world. Each novel stands on its own, and it is not necessary to read them in any particular order. Some novels will feature recurring characters at different stages in their lives. Each novel will come to its own conclusion, leaving the reader with a sense of fulfillment.
I know this is not the norm when it comes to a fantasy series, but why not try something new? I truly believe the reader will appreciate this style of writing. It leaves him or her free to choose which characters he wants to follow and which tales interest him the most. There is no three book (or more) commitment to enjoy the story.

I have plans for several more books in the series, and I hope my readers will enjoy following along as my characters progress. Nōl’Deron is a world full of adventure and great peril, where heroes and villains both dwell. Stay tuned for more in the future.

This post will have Aimee Agresti - author of Illuminate - live chat! She will be talking about her books, herself, and questions you have! Please tweet #AimeeLiveChat if you want to ask Aimee a question.

This post will have Kendare Blake - author of Anna Dressed In Blood - live chat! She will be talking about her books, herself, and questions you have! Please tweet #KendareChat if you want to ask Kendare a question.


When her father drags her to a new life in Wyoming, Aspen Brand doesn’t expect to fall for a cowboy named Kyle Thacker—but she does. Aspen and Kyle share unexpected ground: guitar, running, physics. And guilt. Aspen blames herself for her mother’s car accident, while Kyle can’t find a way past his brother’s suicide.

On their first date they open up to each other, forging an unbreakable bond between them. But Kyle has spent two years living with a vicious secret—one his ex-girlfriend will do anything to protect—and sharing his truth with Aspen makes her a target. Now if Kyle is to be her love story, Aspen must first win the fight of her life.

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“My parents had a great relationship,” I say.  “They were always touching each other, like they’d never evolved beyond infatuation.  I lost my mom, yeah.  But my dad lost more.  He lost his other half, his best friend, the girl he’d been with since he was sixteen years old.  It’s like I don’t know him, since Mom died.”

“If your mom was anything like you,” Kyle says, “I guarantee your dad’s hurting.”

“It’s hard for me to see him without her.  I still think of my parents the way they were—loving and physical and fun with each other, all the time.”

Kyle slides his hand beneath the hem of my tank top, resting his fingers on the bare curve of my waist.  Goose bumps spread across my skin.  He pulls at me until our bodies touch.  “Any guy’d want that,” he says softly.

About the author:

As a child, Mechelle filled her journals with someday-my-prince-will-come fantasies.  Then one day her prince arrived, driving a silver Tundra, and they adopted a fine daughter.  Life got busy—work, family, daily cooking—but she still spends her evenings giving voice to the stories inside her head.  Only now, instead of locking them away, she publishes them.

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What inspired you to write this book?
Painted Boots definitely grew from my teenaged ‘starting over’ days—I moved a lot as a kid and more than once, I was the awkward girl in second-hand clothes, braces and glasses just trying to fit in.  But while I was writing the story my nephew committed suicide.  My anguish over his death seeped into my plot, taking shape as the darker conflict some of the characters endure—yet that same anguish flickered into light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel, making way for what I think is a satisfying ending.

What characters do you connect with most?
On some level I am my characters; after all, I created them.  While writing the story I became so emotionally entwined with Aspen that I would sometimes call my daughter by her name.  It drove my daughter nuts!

What’s your favorite book turned movie?
Cold Mountain.  Heartbreaking.  Beautiful.  Brutal.  Exquisite.  Just thinking on the ending shatters me all over again.

If you could be best friends with one of your characters, who would it be?
I’ll admit, I become BFF with all my characters—even the nasty ones.  I want to know them better than their mothers.  But if I have to pick a Painted Boots soul-sister, it’s Aspen.

Can you tell us about any other books you’re writing?
Being is due out in February.  It’s a cool twist on a ghost story, set in near-future France.  I love Being . . . I can hardly wait to set it free!

What do you do in your spare time?
Is this a trick question?  Most days I feel like a tennis ball caught between Federer and Rafael Nadal on the final day of Wimbledon.  

Who’s your inspiration?
Anyone who embodies this phrase from an old Indigo Girls song:  “If the world is night, shine my life like a light.”  Think of the doctors who devote their lives to Doctors without Borders.  Of the firefighters who rushed toward the crumbling Trade Center towers.  Think of Malala.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which character do you want by your side?
From Painted Boots?  Graydon Brand!  I’d love one-on-one time with that man and his secrets.  (Note to husband: Honey, I thought of you when I crafted Mr. Brand   Honestly, I did.) 

Team Edward or Jacob?
Ummmmmm.  Okay.  I’ll confess my shameful little secret.  I haven’t read Twilight . . . yet.

Team Peeta or Gale?
GALE!  I loved him from hello.  Spoiler alert:  As I type this I’m fuming over how things ended for him.  In my next life I plan to hi-jack book three and re-write the ending.

What are you reading now?

Lucky Girl by Mei-Ling Hopgood.  In between all my dystopian, fantasy and contemporary YA reading, and all the edgy NA I can find, I read at least one autobiography every year.  Life is so much stranger than fiction!

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Adela is the earlier story of Adela, giving a deeper look into the coven leader herself.

Adela: Is a beautiful young woman of a very wealthy family in Eastern Europe who is fending off advances from an older aristocratic German business man that has an evil presence about him. She falls madly in love with another man to see her father and his followers come under the attack and clutches of this barren try to use the enslavement of her fathers land and people to force her to be his own.


About the author:

J.L McFadden is the Author of the Guardian Series: Guardian, released, Adela, release in September, Chooses, release in December, Adela’s Lost Guardian, March, more to be named at a later date. McFadden spins tragedy and romance into all of his stories with picturesque descriptions that vividly paints and melts the scenes into your pleasure cortex that is a valid and important part of every readers mind. ;) Jamie Lee was born in a mixed Celtic and Slavic family in the river valleys of Pennsylvania, in his earlier years he played in bands in New York and ended up working his way into H.Q of the largest musical retailer in the world Guitar Centre; while working at the store level he managed multiple departments at once and handled all the stores merchandising logistics. He has explored the world and became the first American to be excepted into the Interregional Federation of Aikido Aikikai of Crimea & Sevastopol, where he enjoys learning from great masters from around the world, where he has developed his himself. He explains that the people rich and colourfully different people he has met spawned a lot of his characters.


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UnstoppableUnstoppable by S.R. Johannes After everything that has happened, Grace goes to the Everglades to live with her grandmother, Birdee. Even though she is now home-schooled by her bird-obsessed grandmother, the move gives Grace time to relax. She learns to scuba dive and starts boating with old man Rex, Birdee's casual friend/boyfriend. One day while out in the marshes of the Everglades, Grace rescues an abused Florida panther, currently on the endangered list. The more she dives into the animal’s horrific condition, the more she ventures into the underground world of the roadside zoos that run rampant in Florida with a total disregard for the law. Eventually, she stumbles upon one large roadside zoo filled with a variety of endangered and illegal animals. Before she can gather evidence and report her findings to the authorities, she is kidnapped by the ruthless owner and dragged deep into the Everglades for a hunting challenge. Only this time, Grace is the prey. During a sick game of cat and mouse, Grace is offered one chance at survival. With a one-hour head start and very little supplies, time and skill are now all that stands between the hunter and the hunted.

sr johannesAuthor S.R. Johannes S.R. Johannes is the award-winning author of the Amazon bestselling thriller series, The Nature of Grace. Johannes is currently repped by Lara Perkins at ABLA. For foreign rights on the Nature of Grace series, contact Jennifer Custer at AM Heath (London). S.R. Johannes is the YA advisor of ALLi and a winner of the 2012 IndieReader Discovery Awards (Young Adult category) as well as a Silver medalist (2nd place) in the IPPY awards for YA Fiction. She was also nominated for 2012 Georgia Author of the Year (Young Adult category), a Finalist in The Kindle Book Review’s Best Young Adult of 2012, and a YA Finalist in the US Book News Best Book of 2012. After earning an MBA and working in corporate America doing marketing for over 15 years, S.R. Johannes traded in her expensive suits, high heels, and corporate lingo for a family, flip-flops, and her love of writing. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her dog, English-accented husband, and the huge imaginations of their little prince and princess, which she hopes- someday- will change the world.

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What is Twilight?


  1. The soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, caused by the reflection of the sun's rays from the atmosphere.
  2. The period of the evening during which this takes place, between daylight and darkness.
dusk - gloaming - nightfall

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