Country singer Billy Hardy needs to get back on the charts. His manager assures him headlining the opening of a cafe in South Beach is his best chance at getting back to the big time. If he fails, his career is over for good this time. 

Lacey Durant can't believe opening night includes the country singer she crushed on through college. And her customers agree he's dreamy. But his playboy reputation threatens her cafe's image and she can't afford that. She insists Billy stay with her so she can keep an eye on him, and thwart overenthusiastic fans. 

Billy's charms and Lacey's sexy curves prove more than either can resist, but she refuses to be just another lyric in his well-known songs of heartbreak.


Lacey stared at the stage with the single spotlight on the lone man. He hitched the guitar strap over his broad shoulder and slunk down onto the bar stool. One hand glided over the strings, the length of his fingers catching her attention, and a tingling hit her in the stomach. He cleared his throat.

And then her knees went weak as his deep baritone danced through the speakers.

"Good evening." Applause followed by cat-whistles. "It's great to be in South Beach with you tonight."

About the author:

Marisa Cleveland loves to laugh, hates to cry, and does both often. As a writer, she writes. Every day. Perhaps because she married her best friend, her adult romance novels focus on relationships developed through friendship and family-oriented values. She loves to connect with other writers and readers.

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1. What inspired you to write this book?
So many things, people, and events inspired this book, but the what would have to be the feeling that disrupted my normal evening of reading in place of watching Blake Shelton on The Voice. I never stop reading to watch t.v., and I did that night. I blogged about it here.

2. What characters do you connect with most?
I connect most with characters who have the driving need to figure out the "more to life" in their journeys. They aren't satisfied to wait for the hero or the heroine. They make decisions and hope those decisions are the right ones, but they definitely don't stand still. They are not content with what they have, if what they have doesn't bring them intense joy.

3. What's your favorite book-turned movie?
This is a tricky one. If I read a book first, I usually like the book better than the movie. If I watch a movie first, I usually won't enjoy the book as much. I think it takes a super talented screenwriter to understand and capture the key points in a book and then hold true to those scenes in the movie. So, uh, to answer your question, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. 

4. If you could be best friends with one of your characters, who would it be?
From a published book? Lacey! She's wicked loyal and owns an awesome cafe! 

5. Can you tell us about any other books you're writing?
I'm editing book two and revising book three. Book three is really hitting me in the gut, because I took an office job to "research" some things, and I met some fascinating and incredibly caring people while writing book three. They came into my life exactly when I needed their friendship and support, and it was an experience I will never forget.

6. What do you do in your spare time?
Read! Or sleep. I'm drawing a blank on what exactly is spare time. :)

7. Who's your inspiration?
My hubby. This is a dangerous question, because for everything I do, every action I take, every decision I make, it all traces back to my hubby. He inspires me to be better in every way, and all the good and great choices in my life were inspired by him.

8. If you were stranded on a desert island which character do you want by your side?
Oh wow! What a great question! Only one?
Cinderella's fairy godmother.
But I wouldn't mind Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron.

9. Team Edward or Jacob?
Jacob. Blood makes me squeamish, and werewolves are toasty warm.

10. Team Peeta or Gale?
Gale. No explanation should be needed. 

11. What are you reading now?
 The Second Chance Guy by Nicola Marsh

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Thank you for hosting

I love learning about the inspiration for the story thank you.


Ha I know what you mean about spare time. I read a book yesterday and was like...woah...I actually have time to read? what? ahah

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Interesting inspiration

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Thanks so much for having me on your blog!

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