Hey, guys! Jodi Meadows is having a giveaway for all three New Soul books. In order to enter, she asks us to write a paragraph explaining a time you went on an adventure, or made a difficult decision that would impact the rest of your life. This is mine!

To me, going to ALA was an adventure. I didn’t know anyone while walking around the conventions but inspite of that it was one of the best times of my life. At first I was scared that I’d be doing something wrong or if I embarrass myself in front of an author or publicists. It was hard for to get comfortable around a huge crowd. I find myself to be a very sociable person, so once I started talking to people it was easier for me to have fun. By the middle of the first day nothing could stop the smile that was plastered on my face for hours. I was around people that had the same interests as me which I don’t get when I’m at home. Usually when I finish a good book and gush about it no one really understands my enthusiasm. After the convention was finished I knew I needed to become a book reviewer. Immediately after returning my friend Katie and I signed up for a YouTube channel and started reviewing books on there. Looking at all the comments and seeing the views on my videos warms my heart, and I’m so glad books are a part of my life.

*Written by Rachel


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  2. The period of the evening during which this takes place, between daylight and darkness.
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