Title: Redwood Violet - Book One
Author: Robin Mahle
Released: March 20th 2013

Synopsis - REDWOOD VIOLET #1
Katie Reid is living the quintessential Southern California life. A dream job and her college sweetheart, Spencer top it all off. However, she can't seem to shake the terrible dreams that have been tormenting her nights these past few months. After seeking help to find relief from the exhausting effects of these dreams, it becomes apparent that Katie is dealing with something much deeper and much more sinister. Her only solution is to delve into a past that no one wants her to remember. With the horrific discovery of a dark secret kept hidden for years, Katie is drawn into a world mired in evil and lost innocence. And only with the help of Detective Marshall Avery will she be able to channel her pain and anger. But, will he be able to contain Katie's desire for vengeance that has begun to unravel her perfect life? The first in a two-part series, REDWOOD VIOLET, a fast-paced, mystery/suspense novel, will keep you up long past your bedtime!

All The Shiny Things - Book Two

Release date: September 27th 2013

The endless nightmare has been brought to life and it's too late to turn back, but Katie and Marshall are no longer fighting the battle alone. In this second installment of the Redwood Violet series, the last piece in this horrifying puzzle has been revealed and the case grows beyond what they could have imagined. Now the FBI wants in.
Katie enters into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the man who taunts the authorities at every turn.
Soon, an unexpected alliance forms as she takes matters into her own hands.
But Marshall knows she's risking too much and sides with the FBI. Now the authorities have precious little time to find the killer before he takes another life. Who will it be this time?

About the author:

Bestselling Author, Robin Mahle, lives with her husband and two children in Arizona. Robin found her passion for writing, which later became her second career, after spending nearly 20 years in the construction industry. 

Having always been a lover of books, Robin attributes her creativity to the wonderful overseas adventures she has shared with her husband of 14 years. Backpacking (or certainly close to it), throughout Europe and having lived in England, opened her mind and with that came a steady stream of story ideas inspired by her author- idols in the thriller/suspense genre.

Through many late nights and weekends locked away in a room, Robin published her debut psychological suspense novel, Redwood Violet in the Spring of 2013. Intended as a two-part series, Robin is hard at work again writing the sequel, All the Shiny Things and is on schedule for a September 2013 release!


1. Tell us a bit about your family:
My family and I live in Arizona.  I’ve been married for fourteen years and have two children; a boy, 7 and a girl, 9.  My husband was born and raised in England so we have lots of relatives that we visit over there every couple of years.  I’m grateful that my kids have an opportunity to travel.  It certainly has broadened my horizons.

2. What is your least favorite quality about yourself?
I have always had a hard time saying no to people.  I take on things that I shouldn’t because it sometimes takes away from my writing.  And, I honestly just don’t like to disappoint them.  I’m working on it, though.

3. What’s your favorite place in the entire world?
Well, I can say this with all honesty, because I have travelled quite a bit. Out of all the places I’ve visited, I always seem to prefer San Diego, Ca.  Yep, good ol’ San Diego.  I can say that because as an Arizona native, most of us visit there quite often.

4. What is your favorite food?
Pizza.  Hands down.  Doesn’t even matter what kind.  I love it all!

5. How long have you been writing?
I dabbled in writing when I was in my late twenties, which would be about 15 years ago, give or take.  Sadly, I just dated myself.  But it wasn’t until about four years ago, when my career fell off a cliff, as did the economy that I picked it up again, taking a much more serious attitude towards it.  I think the years of life experience made my writing more real, as evidenced in some of my essays.  I started small, writing for online magazines and then I wrote essays.  Soon after, I published a short story while I was writing my first novel.  After I dropped my first novel, I began my current published novel, Redwood Violet and here I am today.

6. What made you want to be a writer?
I can’t really pinpoint one precise reason.  I’ve always been a creative person.  I wrote well in school and in college.  I could always convey my thoughts on paper with little effort.  Although writing fiction takes a great deal of effort.  I guess it just sort of happened.  I think the creative side in me finally took over the analytical, structured business person I had previously been.  I can tell you, I’m a much happier person being a writer.

7. What do you consider the most challenging about writing a novel, or about writing in general?
When you’re juggling a family and a small business (though my husband handles most of it now) it’s very difficult to make the time to write.  When I wrote Redwood Violet, I squeezed time in here and there over a span of 18 months.  That was far too long.  I wasn’t yet disciplined enough to set aside a specific time to write.  Since I started work on the sequel, I’m much less involved in our business and I have more time to dedicate to writing, which I do at very specific times of day.

8. Have you developed a specific writing style?
I’m still experimenting, to an extent.  I’m starting to play with points of view a little, just to see where it gets me.  But overall, I think my writing style is one that I’ve been told is easy to read, not overly cumbersome or wordy.  These were things I disliked in other books I’ve read, so I knew I wanted to avoid becoming that type of writer.  It just doesn’t suit me.  I prefer a quick pace and I think my writing reflects that.

9. How did you come up with the title?
Originally, I wrote the story under a different title, Shadow Man.  It didn’t quite resonate with me and it wasn’t until I had nearly completed the first draft that I decided to rename it.  I found that my original title didn’t reflect the struggles my main character was facing.  Given the setting of the story, Redwood Violet just had more meaning for Katie, the main character.  I just researched the plants and flowers and found that the Redwood Violet conveyed strength. It could grow in adverse conditions.  That appealed to me greatly.

10. Can you tell us about your main character?
Katie Reid.  She’s in her late twenties and just beginning to build her life and her career.  She has a boyfriend, a good job and lives near the beach.  Not a bad life at all.  She’s still naïve but is learning the ways of the world.  And it isn’t until she discovers a very dark secret that she begins to transform.  We see Katie become desperate, hardened by the harsh realities of her past.  That desperation turns to obsession until the girl she thought she was is replaced by someone neither her boyfriend nor her family recognize.

11. Did you learn anything from writing this series and what was it?
Personally, I learned a great deal about myself and my perseverance.  But not only that, these books required a fair bit of research, which I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed.  A friend of mine, whose husband was a high-ranking police officer for twenty years, read the stories, just to confirm that my references to police procedure were accurate, or at least, mostly accurate.  I’m sure I took creative license on a few things.  That part was very exciting for me.

12. How do you promote your books?
Ahh, the million dollar question.  This is something I do struggle with.  It is increasingly difficult to get noticed amongst the thousands of other books available either online or in brick and mortar stores.  I suppose I don’t promote the book insomuch as I try to develop relationships through social media to let people get to know who I am.  If they like me, maybe they’ll read my book.  I’m pretty active on Goodreads, which I truly enjoy.  Of course, there’s Twitter, but I rarely promote my book there.  Again, I try to put myself out there so people can get to know me as an author.  I suppose my next step is getting involved in blogging a little more and following some of the other bloggers out there.  It’s something that’s constantly evolving and I hope to gain a better grasp of as I publish more novels.

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thanks for the giveaway, and the book sounds and looks real good. thanks

Terrific interview. Thanks for participating.

I love that the author researched and named the book series after a plant :)

Love finding new to me authors! Thanks for the giveaway!

Love finding new authors this series sounds really good Thank you for the giveaway.

Thank you so much for hosting me today! It has been a real pleasure!

I'm intrigued by that synopsis.

The book looks very interesting. I'd love to read it!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Definitely giving this one a read, thank you!

Thnx. For the giveaway

Thank you for the great giveaway. The books sound really good, I love books that have some romance and mystery. But I really like that these are a thriller/mystery. Definitely a TBR!!!! I'm really looking forward to reading these books!!

This sounds pretty exciting! I love that whole, secret hidden past thing. Stuff like that really interests me. So of course, now I have to just what Katie's family and boyfriend don't want her to remember. This is great, thanks for the interview and giveaway!


I think this is a very deep interview and that really portraits the live of the writer.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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