Release date: November 28th 2013
Publisher: 336Love
Cover Reveal: October 2nd 

Maci Might's sixteenth birthday is supposed to be the day she's awarded Hero status. But thanks to a tiny anger problem and a questionable family tree, King City's elders think it's best if she doesn't join the Hero ranks. Determined to change their minds, Maci will break whatever rule it takes to prove she's Hero material. As her hair darkens and her anger grows, everyone turns against her except Evan; a childhood friend turned scientist who may be able to unlock the secrets hidden in her DNA.

When a villain attacks King City and her dad is held prisoner, Maci discovers a truth she refuses to believe. She may not be a Hero after all—but this time the Heroes of King City need her more than she needs them. And she won't let them down.

About the Author:

Cheyanne Young is the Amazon Best Selling author of Motocross Me. She is a native Texan with a fear of cold weather and a coffee addiction that probably needs an intervention. She loves books, sarcasm, nail polish and paid holidays. She lives near the beach with her daughter, one spoiled rotten puppy and a cat who is most likely plotting to take over the world.

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I think it is a wonderful idea i am righting my first book its a murder-mystery book.

Thank you so much for this giveaway!! :)

I think the superhero concept it's very interesting to write in a story. A lot of action, suspense, mysteries, all combine into one.

I think the YA superhero is a great concept. Would love to see more books with this characteristic.

I think YES. There's so much paranormal stuff going around, and I love it, but eventually you want to read something other than vampires and werewolves...
Superheroes are totally different, and just as interesting. I recently read The Watchmen, so I've been itching to read some more stuff in the superhero genre!
Thanks for the giveaway

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