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I really love getting an ARCs, especially when it's for a book I've been dying to read! It's hard to wait, I totally understand; authors can be mean with their cliffhangers. I'm currently on edge to read the third book of a trilogy which comes out in January. Sadly, I don't have the ARC and can't find anyone who's willing to trade / lend it out. I'M FREAKING DYING because I want to know what happens!

I was searching sites and went to ebay thinking there could be some sort of lending program there or something (I was desperate, okay? Shush.) and I found the book! Guess how much it was?


Who pays that much for an ARC? If you do, keep your hand down 'cause I'm seriously going to throw a rabid raccoon on you. First off, it's illegal to sell an ARC. Second off, do you know who's getting that money? Not the author. You know, the person that WROTE the thing? Even if the book was $10 I wouldn't buy it from someone. If they would trade or lend and didn't want to pay for shipping I would pay that part, but to buy it? Not cool.

If you're the person selling, I kindly ask you to STOP.

If you're the person buying, I kindly ask you to STOP.

Keep your money and wait for a while. Yes, it sucks major balls and you want to eat your hand off waiting to see what happens to your favorite character, but don't for the love of god spend 3 times more just to get your hands on it.

If money doesn't matter to you and $60 is nothing, then think about the author not getting anything from it. I understand it's not going to stop because of this single blog post, but I just want people to be aware of it. If you see something this outrageous please report it.

Tell me in the comments: would you buy an ARC for that much?


Nahhhhhh just kidding. I'm not that mean.


i wouldn't. the only time i could bid for an arc ( if i could but being international it's hard) it's when the authors themself put the arc for a good cause ( like the auction to raison money for diabetes i saw not that long ago....;my favourite author put an arc (signed) in it and it raised...thousand!! good cause oki and by decision of the author but buyiong from anyone just because i can't wait definitively no)

Wow. My mind is blown. I can't believe people are so greedy that they would not only try to illegally sell an ARC, but for that kind of $$. Some people have no shame.

What eerks me is i go to amazon where there are used book for a little bit of money--because i have a tight budget.. and ill find a book and the description doesnt say too much--it comes and its an arc.. i know there are some places that are like a Goodwill where the money they get from it goes to a charity of some sort but others who just sell them to get rid of them i think is wrong...

One time i bought a "Hardcover" on a used book store for $5 and when i open the package it was an ARC. When something clearly reads "Not for Sale" that means don't sell it. ARC are meant to be given to help the author and get people to buy the actual book. I got my money book but they let me keep the ARC, so i donated the book on ARCcycle. I myself wouldn't buy an ARC. Yes i would pay the shipping if needed but not the ARC itself, and if i liked the book i always buy the book when it comes out and give my ARC copy to a friend or a giveaway.

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