The Legend of Harper and the Reversing Worlds, 
The Reversing Worlds Trilogy One
J.T. Brown

Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal for middle grade – young adult
ISBN: 978-1467955409
ASIN: B004Z9G6D2
Word count: 43,328
Cover Artist: J.T. Brown’s Cover Magic
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Book Description:

Harper Grogen has no idea that she is the most powerful creature in Pasmaqon. She recognizes that she is different from other eleven year olds; maybe a little quirky, but magical was not in her self-description. 

Her inquisitive notion drove her to an old tattered book which held a mysterious stone. Struggling to open the clasp, releasing the stone as, it radiates a glow across her room. 

She kept the rock in her pocket for secrecy.

Her possession of the stone sent her to a world, which had been hidden under the ocean's fire tornado of “'Reversing Falls.”

She found herself fighting for her life in a land that is its own worst compelling character, not knowing who to trust, only the estranged friends that she meets along the way. Oliver, which holds his cover as a trustworthy gnome, and Minsty, a large gentle giant that protects her from the dark creatures, who roam and strip the lands with their ghostly evil presence.

She discovers that her adventure holds the key of eternity. She learns her existence is a true mystery that sings along the pages of her ancestor’s mysterious book.

Tide’s Ghost of the Reversing Worlds, 
The Reversing Worlds Trilogy Two
Part I
J.T. Brown

Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal for middle grade – young adult
ISBN: 978-1467960120
ASIN: B0061591QM
Word count: 29,983
Cover Artist: J.T. Brown’s Cover Magic

Book Description:

The words whisper along the pages of the old tattered book showing its deceitful powers, only to harm what is in its path to Harper’s treasures. Harper has learned the secrets of Pasmaqon and has grown into her powerful magical being which is her strongest power of all. She is prepared to fight the villains of Pasmaqon, yet she is not prepared to fight her past villains that chose to find the only leak to the powerful lands beyond. 

Harper is about to sacrifice her life in a battle of the unknown as, she protects who she thought she would never consider as equals. She realizes the battle is non-other without their help. Wizard of Tide’s power has grown stronger, uncovering the secrets of Pasmaqon. To use his new found freedom to destroy the worlds around them. Harper discovers an old friend that carries the secrets of the book and the world. She unfolds the meaning that she longed to find, only to discover the darkness pulls her into a whirlwind of her own worst fears.

War of the Reversing Worlds, 
The Reversing Worlds Trilogy Two, Part II

J.T. Brown

Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal for middle grade – young adult
Cover Artist: J.T. Brown’s Cover Magic

Book Description:

Harper needs to find her warrior within, and face not only Tide’s Ghost, the darkness, but Wizard Argon. Who has stripped the land of Pasmaqon of its beauty and its power, only to strengthen his own land of Thurrobia.

Nothing has been left behind – only ghost spirits that had surrendered themselves to the powerful force of Wizard Argon. Pasmaqon is left powerless with only the spirits of the past.   

The mysteries bleed its phenomenon off from the pages of Mystical Book, as the terror and the ghost dance with the mysterious tune. That sends Harper into a whirl wind spin tossing her to learn the truth behind the cover of the storm. 

Is war the only answer?

But…..How can you fight something that is already dead, how can you weaken the weak, and how can you save a land that has already in silence. 

Harper can now trust no one or anything, for she may never know who is watching from behind. Harper’s powers mean nothing to the unseen.


A large house sat at the edge of “The Denny’s River," near where the river met the ocean. A house, called “The Inn” by locals, sheltered many guests over the years. Caroleen, a young lady in the midst of her adolescence had a habit of listening in on the town’s people’s tales and beliefs about “The Reversing Falls." It was considered a deceptively secret retreat where the ocean currents formed a phenomenal whirling of the tides, which began and ended at the ocean's floor. Some said, the strong tides contained many secrets of a Lost World; others said it was a place of tragedy and a place where evil hid. All agreed “The Falls” was a thrilling mystery. 

Caroleen was intrigued with all of the town people’s stories. Most days Caroleen found herself resting along the shores of the ocean after a long day of hard work. She would escape by writing down her imaginable thoughts in her numerous journals. She found comfort by the ocean, and imagined triumphant lands in her mind. She envisioned the lands hidden below the sea's floor, under “The Reversing Falls.” She pictured all of the different characters in her mind that might live in the mysterious world. She drew maps and diagrams of the secret world. She visualized the spectacular place, which she called the land of Pasmaqon. Although, Pasmaqon was its own worst compelling character, and seemed to haunt her through the whispers of the water’s surface. 

Her imagination stretched across the pages, and she filled many journals, including a particular journal, that she discovered in one of the rooms at the inn. The journal held a peculiar clasp and was filled with blank pages. In this journal, she wrote all of her most imaginative secrets of the lost world. 

She chose not to tell anyone of her imaginable endeavors; knowing her parents would assign more work, to keep her from her crazed thoughts. Daydreaming was what helped her survive the long hours, and the many faces that she daily met. Sometimes she thought her characters appeared to her in her dreams. She began to believe that her stories had grown into a reality. The characters often visited her through the water’s edge, eager to tell her the true mysteries of Pasmaqon. 

On the afternoon of January 24, 1854, a winter storm claimed the lands. The snow accumulated and quickly concealed the inn, blending in with the river’s edge. 

Caroleen pulled on her high boots, wrapped her heavy dress through her legs, and tucked the bulky edges into her belt. She put on her hat and mittens and grabbed a bag of birdseed on her way out the door. She fed the birds that chose to fight though the harsh winter day. She made her way through the mountains of snow, trying to find the bird feeder that once stood in the middle of their lawn.
Caroleen could hear voices coming from the river’s edge. “Miss Caroleen, we need your help; we are in danger.” The voices screamed through the stormy air around her. Caroleen made her way through the snow to the river, hoping she would make sense of the voices.

  “Miss Caroleen, we need you," a small voice whispered. "There is no time.” The voice grew, hazily through the air, which seemed to come from the glassy ice that topped the river. Caroleen climbed through the snow, making it to the river’s edge. She braced herself over the snow-protected ice. She cleared away the snow and cupped her hands to look inside the glass-like ice covering the chilled water. She strained her eyes; she thought she had seen an image of some sort. What looked like a face, worked its way closer to the surface. She wiggled her body across the ice in hopes of getting a better look.

Just then, the ice cracked around her, she tried to frantically maneuver back towards the snow bank for safety, but it was too late. The surface gave way and sent her in the cold waters below. The current of the ocean claimed her as its’ own. 

The years passed, her family and the town’s people gave up, and lost hope in ever finding Caroleen Grogen. Her disappearance was a true mystery; some wondered if the heavy currents of Reversing Falls had taken her forever. 

The only memories she left behind, were her journals of Pasmaqon. Caroleen had kept them all in the bottom of her hope chest. Since then, the chest had been handed down through the generations. Eventually, the journals were covered with memorabilia from new generations. Nobody took an interest in the journals or even ventured to find out about the secrets that danced along the pages. Caroleen's stories remain a mystery because they have never been read...

About the Author :

J.T. Brown is a paranormal fantasy/science fiction author, who lives in Downeast, Maine. J.T. has always been drawn to the ocean, maybe because she spent most of her days on her father’s lobster boat as a child, or maybe it’s the phenomenon that shakes her cage daily. The Reversing Falls, which sits on the coast of Maine has always sang its mysteries across the twisting currents of the ocean, but for J.T. that song has always been a tale, waiting to bleed its story across the pages of “The Reversing World’s Trilogy.”

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Thank you so much for having me, it is much appreciated.:) Happy Reading and Writing to you. :) J.T.

the cover, the review makes it sound good.

thanks for the giveaways.

wonderful excerpt! would love to read the whole book!

If you ever do get your son to read one of your books I hope you will share with me how you did it. My son won't read mine either, but he does like to critique the covers.

is this international?

Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Sounds like an interesting story. ☺

Yes! Totally can't wait to read this! Adding it to my TBR list... Love that cover, too ; ) I always wonder how much power they have over the direction of the design of their book cover. My brother just got into designing book covers and would like to know what he should expect! Thanks for sharing with us and Thanks for the giveaway!
mestith at gmail dot com

This series sounds so GOOD! I would LOVE to read these books. I added them all to my TBR list. I'm definitely looking forward to reading them all!! Thank you SO MUCH for this very GENEROUS giveaway!!!

Thanks for the giveaway!

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