Ten years ago, Emily Miller went missing when she was only five years old. Everyone in town thought she had either drowned in the lake near her house, or had been kidnapped. Some even whispered that her father, Frank Miller was responsible.

No one suspected the old boathouse behind the Miller property, except Emily’s father. Frank Miller knew what had happened to his little girl. He knew the boathouse had her.

Ten years later, thirteen-year-old George Morgan wanders into the same boathouse and discovers a magical secret. At first he’s thrilled. He reveals his secret to his fifteen-year-old brother Eddie, thinking it will bring them closer together. After all, George and Eddie used to be best friends, before they moved to town, and before Eddie started hanging out with a bunch of older boys—the same boys who make it their mission to bully George on a daily basis. But, when Eddie tells his friends about the boathouse, everything starts to go wrong.

Suddenly the cool, magical secret of the boathouse isn’t a secret anymore, and the mysteries of the past come back to haunt them, putting their lives in great danger.


“I’ll pay you five bucks if you eat one.” Eddie Morgan taunted his little brother as he dangled a writhing worm over his head.

“Leave me alone already, Eddie.” George tried his best not to make eye contact with Eddie or his friends. He knew that it only made things worse when they knew they were irritating him. They lived in a small rural town with little to do on a Sunday afternoon. George tried to pass the time swimming or fishing in the lake at the north end of Brunson. Eddie normally found entertainment by harassing his thirteen-year-old younger brother.

“We’ll leave you alone. As soon as you eat the worm, bird brain,” Eddie continued as his two buddies watched the show.

George sat in silence, refusing to look up. He knew this would be a mild torture session because Jake was not with them. At nineteen, Jake Parnell had four years over the other boys. He was the definition of a classic bully. George thought he hung out with the younger boys because he was a bit slow in the head. Maybe he’d been hit too many times playing football. Whatever it was, Jake didn’t get along too well with kids his own age. The other two minions were Brian Johnson and Tim Oglesby. They seemed to go along for the ride in most situations.

“Fine, if you’re not going to eat it, then beat it, kid.” Eddie took the rod from his hands and plopped down on the dock.

Without containing their laughter, Brian and Tim took a seat next to him, and continued to see who could spit farther into the water.

George grabbed his bag and walked away from the older kids. Deep down, it bothered him they always won all the time, but it just wasn’t worth the fight. They would lose interest and he would be fishing again in an hour. It made him angry to think those boys really believed that two years of life made them that much more mature than he was. Personally, he thought it just made them look like buffoons.

He walked down the dirt path away from the three fifteen-year-olds, looking over his shoulder occasionally to make sure they weren’t following him. When he was sure he was alone, he took off at a slow jog toward the wooded area next to the old Miller place. The house was rumored to be haunted. He knew this is where having friends would come in handy because George had only overheard other kids at school talking about what had happened, so he never really got to hear all the juicy details. From what he’d pieced together, the Miller family had lived here in Brunson for years, before his family moved here. They had a little girl named Emily who was playing outside one day when she just disappeared. 

About the author

Christina Holt is a writer of Young Adult Science Fiction. She loves to create original stories that capture the young reader from the first page and give them a reason to love reading. Christina’s first published novel was Second Chance (LBF Books, 2007). Christina Holt currently lives in Memphis, TN with her husband, daughter, and the family pug, Pete.

Find her:

**Christina will be awarding loose teas and chip nuts (Chips nuts are peanuts coated with potato chips) to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour (US/CANADA ONLY).


Thank you for hosting

Thank you for posting the information for Vanished on your site. Please let me know what you think!

Sounds like an interesting book. Thank you for the giveaway, yummy prize. :D

This book sounds really cool and I like the cover. ;)

Sounds like a great read!!
Thanks for the chance to win!
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Intriguing blurb

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Awesome giveaway! I'm excited. Thanks. :-)

So sad this giveaway for US/Canada only. The book sounds really interesting.
Good luck for everyone :)

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