She's a good friend of mine and wants to share some books with you.

If you're international you must pay for the shipping yourself. This could be $20+ dollars. All of the books below are out September to February 2014. All up to you! There will be six winners. One of those winners will get a $15 TBD giftcard!

One thing: You'll be picking at least three books you want on the rafflecopter. If I choose the book and you say "but I wanted the OTHER one" then I can give the prize to someone else. Simple. This happened on the last BEA/ALA giveaway and I don't want it to happen again. Please no whining that you've won a book.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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If I were to write a story of my life, the title would be, Under the Raincloud.

Hmm... Literary Ladybug and the curse of the addictive hobby (reading). lol

My life's title:

Non-Believers and Cynics: A Struggle for Hope In the Midst of Disaster

Undiscovered, sums me up pretty well but not in a depressed way so don't worry :)

Amber @Paradise of Pages

"If I Knew Then..."

Happy Birthday Rachel! I hope you have an awesome day! As for the title, I think it would be something like "Not Who I'm Supposed to Be." Long story. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Happy Birthday, Rachel! Have a great one! My life story would be titled "Complications Since Birth." Great selection for the giveaway. Thanks!

"I'm Just Saying"

Happy Birthday, Rachel! :D

Happy Birthday!! The title would be "And The Story Goes"

Happy Birthday!! And thanks for the giveaway! The Title would be At the Surf. <3
-Cali W.

Happy Birthday!! :D I can't come up with a good title... :( I'm not the writer type so thank goodness I don't want to be an author!

Angela @ The Raven Readers

Happy Birthday, and the title would be Fifty Shades Of Gay!(:

Hmm... a book about myself. Probably the Awesomeness That is Krystianna. :D Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks for sharing your celebration. Happy Birthday. Wishing you many more. evamillien at gmail dot com

Happy Cake Day!!! Would love to grab a few of these incredible titles!!

Happy birthday! There as some BEAUTIFUL covers up there! Good choices. :)

Also-if I were to write about my life the title would be "Contradictions of Youth".

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for sharing the celebrating with us :)

How to escape the complications of life

Happy birthday - what an awesome giveaway!

Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday! And thanks for letting me celebrate with you. The story of my life would be titled "The Unfathomable".

The title of the story of my life would be "Buy this book to help rising the economy"

Life of a Dreamer, Wanderer, and Writer. :)

The Very Ordinary Life Of A Completely Boring Person or Obsessed With Animal (as in the muppet). =)

My life story title would be Surviving the Unexpected. Happy birthday!!!! and thanks for the giveaway. Viviana O.

I would call it, "Don't Worry, Be Happy". Not very unique, but one of my biggest problems is remembering not to worry about every little thing and start to enjoy life instead of dwelling on the negative.
Happy Birthday! :)

Chaotic Life

~Veronica Vasquez~

Mine would be "Invisible and Lost"

Hope you had a great birthday! Thanks for sharing this amazing giveaway!

Hm, my title would probably be, "Unemployment."

Hmm tough question! My title would be.. Crazy Life

Happy birthday! Awesome giveaway! :D

Hmm.. my title would probably be.. The Misunderstood Life of Kayla DeGroote :P

Simple. The title of the story of my life would be called 'Daydreamer'...i tend to live in fantasy worlds more than reality (even as a writer!).

teenage blues

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Oops! The Screw-ups, Slip-ups and Trip-ups of Kelly Matherly.

Not that anyone would read it. I'd rather write a fiction based on my life (where I'm a witch) instead of a biography.

Survival Woman: Laughing at Death and Wining.

these books sound amazing

"Stuck in a Rut" would be the story of my life. Amazing choices of books. Thank you for the giveaway!

P.S. Happy Birthday Rachel! Hope you had a great one.

Happy Birthday! Thanks for this super sweet giveaway

I have grown pretty attached to the title "Tumble & Fall" so I think my title would fall along the line of "Chase & Escape" because I humored the concept of people having this inner need to find their place in the world and this title is a way of stating how my "place" is anywhere I want to be and free of the expectations and traditional concepts.

Hmm my life story title would be 'Lost Here, Lost There, Lost Everywhere!'

I would call it; Forever Pending :) thanks for the giveaway!

Hrm. That's a hard one. I guess it would be called something like Forever Tsundoku - such a wonderful Japanese word that sums up many readers!

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Hmm. Mine would probably be called something like "Splintered Words".

Actually, I am planning on doing just that. It's gonna be called "This is Me."

"Out of the Blue",would be my story,I have two left feet,always falling or tripping over something all the time.
Lynn M

"Wishes Twisted and Unexpected"

Well that's a hard one
Probably something like:
We're All Just Beans Here - But Mostly Me

So Broke and Sad.

The title of my book would be I'm Still Standing.

Story of my life would probably be titled 'No Regrets'
Happy Birthday and thank you for the great giveaway.

The title of the story of my life would something like "Growing-up Foolish: Mistakes, consequences, and lessons learned".

It would be hard to choose but I might go for "The Dreamer".

Hi! I am trying to spread the giveaway in a blog post (also,it's an entry) can I have the embed code for the giveaway or should I like folks over here to this actual page to enter? Right now I have them coming back here with multiple links.

The actual link to this post is good. :)

Happy birthday Rachel! I hope all your birthday wishes come true:).
As for a title lets just call it a "Work in Progress"

Happy Birthday thank you for the amazing giveaway if I wrote a book about my life I would name it How To Survive.

Hmm-good question! My title would be "Relentless" How to pick yourself up when life puts you down.

I think if I wrote a book about the story of my life, it would probably be "Living Life: 6900 units"

Probably something like Fight or flight:))
Happy Birthday!

Succeeded at the job I was born to do.

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