Hey guys... so I've been having a bit of a problem and want to stop it NOW before I completely give up on all giveaways.

When I set up a giveaway my time, energy, and money goes into it. All you have to do is click buttons and you're entered, nothing else. So it should be understandable how much it irks me when I email the people who won, then they say they want the other book, or "can I add one extra dollar to the Book Depository prize? The one I really want is just 1.50 extra!"


When you enter you know what the prize is; I clearly state it in every post! This past 24 ARC giveaway someone emailed me back saying they don't want the book choice anymore, instead they wanted the gift card. You know what I said? No. Why? Because they didn't win that one, they won the book choice. There was over 7k entries... do you think I can't pick another winner that would love to get the book of their choice?

New rule: If you complain, you don't get the prize. That's it. I'm seriously done. You won, be happy about it. Even if you're not happy don't make me feel bad by saying "I was hoping for this other one but oh well thanks!"


No "oh well thanks anyway" emails. You should say "Thank you so much for your generous giveaways! I'm really luck to have been picked!"

It makes me wonder: does this happen to everyones blog? If so...


It's rude, ungrateful, and makes me want to stop what I'm doing because seriously? I don't have time for people who whine about how great of a prize they entered. I'm not saying you should give me flowers and put a royal crown on my head. I'm saying be a little more... I don't know... grateful that you won an awesome prize.

This rule goes into effect immediately! If this happens twice to one person (yes, I've had two/three of the same winners) they will be banned from any future giveaways.

I'm not saying this to be a huge bitch; I'm just really hurt, confused, and completely fed up. I hope you understand where I'm coming from. You guys are awesome, I promise! I love blogging and reading all of your comments. It warms my heart to see you liking a Youtube video or a review I've done, commenting/liking my Facebook page or RTing something I tweeted on Twitter. You guys rock my world and I'm so lucky to have you!

If you want to enter in current giveaways or see what's coming up, please visit this page with this post in mind.


All I can say is WOW. I can't believe people really do this crap to you. Well just so you know, I am grateful for whatever I get in any contest I enter!

You go!! None of that should have even needed to be said. The lack of manners is pathetic. I am sure lots of people dont want every prize but no need to be rude and ungrateful if you didnt win the prize you wanted. Glad you arent giving up on giveaways...there really are lots of us who would be happy just to win!! :)

Very well stated. We all should be grateful for anything we get and say thanks for it. You are very generous in what you offer to give-as is everyone participating with you. I thank you for the chance to enter in these giveaways. :) Columbia

Wow that's not very cool! As you said you put your own time and money into this. They should be nicer about it-if they didn't want the prize posted then why enter?!
Sorry this happens! You would think people would have manners and such.

I completely agree with what you said. You spend time and money doing something nice for people and they complain and don't even thank you for it!

I can't believe people are so rude! I am always thankful for anything I win, and if it is something I don't love it will be great to give as a gift to someone else.

I agree 100%! I've won a few ebooks in raffles and it was never the book I wanted, but I always said thank you for the prize and never once complained. One of the books even surprised me because I actually liked it and it is now one of my favorite series! I'm just thankful I won, I don't care what. It's still a great honor! C;

Wow, seriously? That's just rude of those winners! :( I'm always just so freaking happy to have won. The only time I ever refuse is if I've already bought the book/ebook and then I ask if they mind drawing another winner.
Sorry all those people are such ingrates. :(

I know there are giveaways with multiple prizes but you just have to cross your fingers that you win the one you want if you don't just be grateful that you one something. If I get something I didn't really want I take it anyways and thank the blog. I can always find someone that would be interested in it. I want to thank you for posting giveaways. This is one of my fave. blogs. Now off to enter some giveaways. :)

What?? WHUT??? I can't BELIEVE people would be so inconsiderate and rude! It's such a great thing for anyone to have a giveaway, and for the winner to turn around and do that- I- I'm sorry this has happened to you- more than once. That's just sad... :(

I agree. I'm as competition mad as the next person but if it's for a book I'm just not that interseted in then I don't enter otherwise it's a waste of everyone's time and a person who does want it may miss out.

It's hard to believe how rude people can be!
You're absolutely right. If someone complains, they don't deserve the prize.

I totally agree with this! Just the other week I had someone win signed paperbacks from me, then email and say "Actually I only entered for the giftcards. I don't want your books, but I will accept a cash equivalent." The cheek of some people! You have every right to state this clearly and don't take any nonsense from those awful, selfish few ruining it for the rest of us!

That's Completely understandable. You entered knowing that you may get one of the other prizes, You got something, get over it. Also, if you win a book or something you didn't hope for shut up and read it. How do you know you wont like it until you read it? Why not give it a chance? If it say up to $2.99 value then pick what looks most interesting to you from those options. Don't complain about a dollar difference it doesn't make her look bad, it makes you look bad for being a sore winner(like a sore loser but worse).

I completely agree with you! Ugh it makes me so mad. The 'I've read that one give me a different book' emails annoy me. Be thankful people. You are not the only one who goes through this drama, and if it happens again on our blog, they will get nothing.

I am always extremely grateful when I win ANYTHING! Grow up people and stop being such spoilt brats!

Why enter the giveaway if you don't want the prize stated? That's extremely rude and ungrateful! I can't believe people do that! It's like a huge slap in the face because like you said, YOU pay for the prizes not them ya know?

I hear ya gal!

I am so sorry that people have been that horrible. It always amazes me when I find that people have descended lower that the last stage of I'd witnessed them rolling around in.

I agree with your rules totally. If they aren't happy with a FREE gift, screw them. Other people are lined up waiting to appreciate your kindness and generosity. Thank you for all you do. I appreciate your hard work, your blogging, and your wonderful giveaways. Your work means the world to thousands of us.

That was downright embarrassing to read. Some people have a lot of nerve even to suggest such a thing!

I've not hosted a giveaway, but I know there must be a LOT of work, time, and money that goes into making them possible.

I applaud you for posting this, and your decision to abiding by the rules you set forth is nothing less than reasonable, and no one should expect anything different!

Having worked directly with the public for over 25 years, I just want to say... BRAVO! I know exactly where you're coming from, and I'm just delighted that you have the courage of your convictions to lay down the law. You are totally right when you point out that YOU go to a lot of trouble AND expense AND time, and you shouldn't have to put up with pigs. (Subtlety has never been my strong suit.) Consider yourself patted on the back! ;-)

Wow. I can't believe people would actually say/do those things! Well... actually, I can believe it! People can be very ungrateful sometimes. I'm so sorry that's been happening! You're awesome for doing the giveaways you do! I hope you continue on with them, despite some truly horrible people getting you down <33

I´m so sorry for you :( If I win something I´m always very grateful and happy :) My English isn´t the greatest or best but I try to "thank you" as well as I can :) It´s been fun to win different kind of books; even those I thought I´d never like to read. I´ve fell in love with fiction books which I thought wasn´t for me :D I have also learned a lot of English :) But the point was to say that I´m very thankful for giveaways, it is nice to enter even if I didn´t win and I would never whine for prize..
Happy autumn <3 :)

I feel aghast reading some of the comments as well as your post. I understand there are plenty of assholes out there but just wow. Ill be honest I enter most giveaways that offer amazon cash. But you know what if I win a book I won a fucking book. And it makes me happy. I only enter giveaways that I know I want or would enjoy. If I dont like the giveaway Ill politely not enter and give someone who wants it a better chance.

I read a blog post about giveaway manners once. I dont remember where but it amazed me.

And in the end if win a book I dont think Ill like. I got six siblings, one mother, a father, a stepfather and a grandma that read. SOMEONE will enjoy it. And it will be the gift of happiness and luck it is meant to be.

i'm really happy to win something, i don't see who they could be so unpolite as it is. now when a win a book choice i give a little list because i know the price can differ depending on the country and that way i hope at least one will be but then i can always try to fdind other, it doesn't take long and it's the minimum ( like i always confirm when i do receive so the sender/host don't worry)

I didn't know people actually do that. How embarrassing! I'm always happy if I happen to win anything! Your rules are great.

I've had a couple of things like this happen to me too, including one complaint that the book was bent by the postman. Sorry, but I'm NOT responsible for you having an idiot postman. Call the post people or the shipping company and complain to them.

I stopped doing giveaways for a long time because I was sick of getting crap from people who wanted 'extras' or a book that was more than what was stated in the rules. I'm back to doing them now but I'm not taking this rubbish again.

I'm glad to see you are not putting up with it anymore - more power to you :-D

That is so rude. Even if I didn't win the book I wanted, I'm still grateful.

The only time I really message bloggers who I win from even semi-negatively is when books never show up. And even then, I never blame them or complain, I just state "just so you know, this book never came" because I know that if I bought a book to send out to a winner, I'd want to know about it.

Wow! The nerve of some people! Good for you for drawing lines and sticking to them! :-)

Wow,wow,wow. People are so ungreatfull. I can't believe people say those things to you. I agree with everything you said. If you complain you get nothing. That's how it should be. I'm sure there is a person who entered that would love to be a winner. You put your, money, time,energy and more into this blog. I'm very greatfull when I win. I'm greatfull that you have this great blog. It helps me a lot. You help me pick out great movies.

Thank you not only for all yours awesome giveaways, but for your awesome reviews and interviews. I love your blog.

Ryver is my nickname. I know it's kinda weird.

Wow! I can't believe someone would do that! I rarely win giveaways and when I do, I'm ecstatic!

I've hosted a few giveaways on my blog and so far I haven't had this happen to me...so far.

I'm always excited that I won anything! I admit I've said no thank you a couple of times, but this is due to the fact that I already own the book. I buy my books when they go on sale, and I'm like no way am I missing this price, just in case I don't win. But, nonetheless I'm ecstatic that out of I don't know how many entries my name was picked. I just want to thank you for doing these awesome giveaways, I know it takes a lot of time, and people are generous to donate their items. Thanks!!

I'm sorry to hear that you had to deal with people like that more than once.
I did only did one giveaway so far and the winner was happy (and very lucky I hadn't chosen someone else already as she was late to answer my e-mail).
I asked her to write me an e-mail when the book arrives, but never heard from her again. I'm not writing her to ask her because I've got other things to do, but she should have contacted me. Even if the book had not arrived, because in that case I would have contacted Book Depository. Now it's too late anyway... I think that's just ungrateful and impolite.

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