Hired to investigate strange phenomenon at a historic mansion, Penny, a struggling psychic can't let this opportunity pass.  Even if that does mean being thrown together with her ex, Declan, all night long, all by themselves, or are they?

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"Penny," a gruff voice said from the back of the room.
Surprised, she jerked her head to the left as the familiarity of the voice washed over her. When she turned, she saw him, all six feet, and in a dark blue suit. He looked good, very professional. His dusty blond hair still had that unkempt sexiness that made her want to run her fingers through it. He must still run, as his lean muscles were outlined in the tailored jacket and pants. Her body reacted as if she had been punched in the gut. How long had he been there? Had he known she was at the funeral the whole time?
"Declan?" she said, slightly confused.
"What are you doing here?" he asked, an accusatory tone in his voice.
His presence filled the room; how had she not felt him there? Perhaps it was the atmosphere; she wasn't used to doing readings in such damp conditions.
"I'm...I..." Penny started, then, realizing it was really none of his business, stated, "I'm here in a professional capacity."
"A professional what?"
"That's none of your concern. I didn't realize you lived around here, let alone would be at this funeral—"
"So, you would have avoided me, if given the chance?" he asked.
"Yes," Penny responded, offering the truth. "Why open old wounds?"
He opened, then shut his mouth slowly, as if tasting that delicate bit of knowledge. 
"I've moved on, as I'm sure you have too," Declan stated finally.
"Of course, it's been what, nine-ten years?"
"Something like that."
"Well, it was good seeing you, but I have a meeting with my client in a few minutes, I should get going." She held her hand out to him for a handshake.
Declan looked at Penny's hand, and with a roll of his eyes, he walked out the door. He still wouldn't touch her.


1. What inspired you to write this book?
What inspired me to write Island Urges was coming up with this world where people were given special powers. The universe where this book exists in really interesting to me. What would happen to the world population if large chunks of land (along with the people on them) just disappeared? Then, corresponding islands popped up out of nowhere in the world's oceans, with vegetation on them, but no people?

2. What characters do you connect with most?
I find characters that have a passion for something and that are flawed the most intriguing.  I would rather see the the human side of a character rather than have a character be perfect. They need to want something, and want it bad to drive the book. I get bored if the characters don't seem to be doing anything on the page.

3. What's your favorite book-turned movie?
I really liked the Harry Potter movies. I thought they were really well cast, and the conversion into the movies went fairly well. The changes they made from the book to the movie didn't bother me nearly as much as the first Hunger Games book to movie did, or the Breaking Dawn Part 2 did. (Those bothered me much more.)

4. If you could be best friends with one of your characters, who would it be?
I think I would be friends with my character Penny from Penny for the Night, she is a psychic that can sense things through objects that have been emotionally charged.  It would be really neat to take her to a museum and touch things to hear about the hidden history of artifacts.  We would just have to be sure not to get caught by any museum guards!  

5. Can you tell us about any other books you're writing?
Oh, sure! I mentioned Island Urges earlier.  It is a futuristic, sci-fi novella that is the first in the Track-Marks series. The people that are in this land, researching the island phenomenon get shots in the arm (hence "track-marks") and get an elemental power. Ignacia (Iggy) can control fire, and Calder can control water in this story.

6. What do you do in your spare time?
What spare time? LOL. I work, I write, and every once in a while I try to make it out to a theme park or two. One of the great things about living in Florida, there are plenty of theme parks to go to!

7. Who's your inspiration?
Everyone and everything in my inspiration when I write. So, everyone be warned, this might end up in a book!

8. If you were stranded on a desert island which character do you want by your side?
Since my characters in Island Urges are on a deserted island, I would probably want to be with them. They know what to do, how to do it, and who to call for help!

9. Team Edward or Jacob?
Books or Movies? I feel like they portrayed the story differently in each. 
In the books, I thought Bella should/would end up with Edward because it seemed very obvious that she didn't feel that way about Jacob. With the book being written in first person, I was never under the impression that she liked Jacob more than a precoucious younger brother. 
In the movies, the love triangle was much more open leading people to believe that both were a possibility. Plus, Taylor Lautner as Jacob was really yummy!

10. Team Peeta or Gale?
The Hunger Game books seem to be so much more than a love triangle, but if forced to pick, I'm Team Gale.

11. What are you reading now?
I am really enjoying Kelliea Ashley's Sisters of Fate series. I can't wait until the next one comes out!

About the author:

After not being able to answer, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" when she was little, Sally Max decided she wouldn't settle on just one profession.  Instead, she lives vicariously through her characters on the page, and gets a taste of every possible scenario she can imagine.

Sally Max currently resides in southwest Florida with her orange tabby cat.


Website | Breathless Press

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The part of the movies, I think the same with Harry Potter xD

My favorite part of the interview was question #4 about who would be your friend. I also have thought it would be cool to be able to just pick up objects and be able to tell about them like Penny does, or to have a friend that did and go places just to touch things.

Such a cool interview overall. I can't wait to read the book! Thanks so much for sharing ;)

Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunities also 8) Michelle Hofacker

I personally liked it all XD Im not picky. Although I agreed about the books into movies bit. I also found the percy jackson movie lacking compared to the movie. They tried to close up with an ending before even knowing it really could be a huge thing. *sighs*

I like question: If you were stranded on a desert island which character do you want by your side? I always enjoy the answer to "desert island" questions.

Thank you for hosting

Definitely the question about being best friends with one of your characters...I think that was a really interesting one! Thanks for the great giveaway!

My favorite part of the interview was the book blurb BEFORE the interview! Does that count? It brought back a memory from many, many years ago.

The most interesting thing to me was her take on the Twilight books/movies.
jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

I like hearing what Sally is working on next. I'm always looking forward to more from writers I like.

I love reading what ispires the author!

I agree with what you said about Twilight movies vs. books completely! The relationships in the movie were very different feeling. It had me cheering for Jacob like Edward was a putz or something lol!

Fun interview--I've been loving this tour!


Great interview! I enjoyed learning more about the author.

The author's inspiration for the book was most interesting to me

I wish I had an imagination like the author. Also, I love that she's Team Gale, I am too!

Most interesting was finding out what the author thought about Harry Potter.


Thanks for sharing Penny for the Night and the giveaway. Sounds like a great book and I am looking forward to reading it. evamillien at gmail dot com

How could you pick team gale!!!


I wanted to thank you so much for having me! I also wanted to share that for a limited time only, Penny for the Night is on sale for only 50 cents! (83% off!!)

Love to cover... this sounds like a very interesting book. Will have to put it on my TBR!

The entire interview was great! Thanks!

I like your ideas about what characters should be like. I feel the same way about the characters in my books. Thanks for the great giveaway. I am entering under the name of Virginia

thank you for the great giveaway :-)

the entire interview was good :)

I loved the part about the books turned into movies because I feel exactly the same! The best adaptations were the Harry Potter movies, and the Hunger Games movie really let me down...

Thank you for the amazing giveaway! :D

I like author interviews because you learn such interesting things about them. Thank you for the giveaway.

Author`s inspiration...

I thought the author's inspiration was the most interesting part.

Great interview! I enjoyed learning more about the author...

What inspired the author to write this book :)

I loved her answer to the book to movies question, since it pretty much mirrored my own! :)

I also liked her books to movies answer and I agree with her about what they did to The Hunger Games movie. I wasn't impressed.

Everything, I like to raed about author`s thoughts... :)

Thank you for the chance to win this awesome giveaway! :)

Her valid and smart interpretation of the Edward/Jacob "team" question. She's absolutely right. The movies made it seem like there was ever a choice. Anyone who read the books knew there never was! ;)

I liked the question about the best book turned movie. So many books are butchered on the big screen. And as a Potterhead, I loved the answer :D

I really like the talk about inspiration.

I like her opinion on the movies Harry Potter, Breaking dawn II and The Hunger Games. My opinion is almost the same :)

I like question #2 about people and their flaws. I enjoy books where the people aren't just so perfect all the time

That she thought Taylor Lautner was yummy, I do too!

It's interesting to findout what authors do in their spare time

I completely agree Harry potter is my fave series turned movies

Great interview! This book sounds like quite an interesting read.

Loved the "if you were stranded on the desert" question!

I love the interview. Always love to know their answers...

Harry Potter is a great example of amazing books turned into amazing movies. Except for the 5th movie.

I liked the desert island question and the book movie question.

The fact that she is Team Gale too. xD And that she thinks Taylor Lautner is yummy. He really is though<3 lol.

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