Believe it or not, people still ban books. Crazy, eh? Below are some books that have been taken off the shelf in schools or public libraries. The winner can choose one!

Some of the book choices are understandable if the library is kindergarten - 7th grade. No grade school should have books that have drugs, heavy violence, and sexual scenes. Otherwise I believe every book on this list should be open to all Young Adults+

The Golden Compass

Why it's banned:
1. Mankind is fallible and can fall prey to evil, no matter the intention
2. Organized religion, made up by Mankind, can fall prey to the same fallibility.
3. Written with an anti-Christian viewpoint.

The Hunger Games

Why it's banned:
1. Anti-ethnic and anti-family
2. Insensitive
3. Having offensive language
4. Being occult and satanic
5. Being overtly violent

Gossip Girl

Why it's banned:
1. Drugs
2. Offensive language
3. Sexual explicitness

13 Reasons Why

Why it's banned:
1. drugs/alcohol/smoking
2. sexually explicit
3. suicide

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Hmm...there are so many of the banned books. I will go with...Harry Potter.
Or if you meant these book, then I will go with...The Golden Compass

In this list, Hunger Games. I didn't even know they were banned.

The Hunger Games being occult and satanic and ant-family surprises me the most. I could understand people maybe objecting to it for its violent content, but how is it satanic?

I can't believe they've banned The golden Compass!! How ridiculous!!

The Hunger Games was banned? That is surprising. I'll let my nieces and nephews read it.

Bridge to Terabithia is one that shocks me the most. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win s2

the golden compass ????

I cant believe the Golden Compass is banned!

I'm surprised by The Golden Compass being banned but I really want to win the Hunger Games I am an avid reader and it has slipped my hands more than once!

Bridge to Terabithia or Harry Potter they are amazing book, and the banned reason are so fool

I really haven't read that many banned ones which is a shame but I have read The Hunger Games..the horror in that world and the idea of people having their children kill each other as entertainment was shocking.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury... amazing book!

the golden compass! it was such a good book!

I find so stupid they banned Harry Potter.

The Hunger Games! How on earth is that occult/satanic?! OR anti-family? That is so strange.

In the list - Golden Compass - I never knew it was banned. Really?

Thirteen Reasons Why, really I never actually realized it was banned. It was a great book.

Golden Compass got banned because it's Anti-Christian? What a joke.

hunger games

Hunger Games shocks me the most.

I'm not sure how The Hunger games is anti-ethnic, how is that?

I think Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher :) didn't know it was banned by the time I'm reading it :D
btw, thanks for this awesome giveaway! :D

13rw I guess but I really liked it ;)

thanks for participating!

I've just heard they are contemplating to ban Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell! It's shocking! From the list.. Hunger Games!


I don't believe in banning books, or anything else actually!!

Oh I can't believe gossip girl and the hunger games are banned!

I had no idea Hunger Games is banned O__o

The Golden Compass.. I can't understand why.. Really!?

Most of them surprise me! Hunger Games... really?!?!

I think I was most surprised to hear that Black Beauty had been challenged/banned in Africa, simply because of the title.

I was honestly surprised that THG made the list. I guess it's because since I absolutely adore this series, I assumed everyone else did too. I understand that this is heavy material for elementary aged kids (and even some middle schoolers), but all young adults should read these books. Of course children killing children is disturbing, but that's the whole point. I will forever be a die-hard Tribute, and I try to get as many people as I can to get hooked on these books too.

Twilight.... what did they do? LOL

THG shocks me the most!

The hunger games have no idea why it is banned shouldn't be

I'm surprised the Harry Potter books are banned.

Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Why in the world they want to bann those books?

I think I'd go with Harry Potter. Why?

Hunger Games..I didnt know it.

Harry Potter.

Ender's Game as pornographic just made me laugh.

Captain Underpants was surprising to me--they're just so harmless!

Most of them were surprising to me.... apart from 50 shades of grey....

The Golden Compass. I had no idea. That's crazy!

To be honest, most banned books shock me. I don't get why some of them are banned, you know?
But of the ones you listed, I'd have to say The Hunger Games. Because you can learn a lot about what's at stake here.

I think The Hunger Games shocks me the most because of the violence and anti-ethnic factors it. Although I was aware of the violence, this book can be quite political. I can see why it is banned, especially watching the movie, I would't want little kids to see it even if it is quite popular right now.

I think the fact that Harry Potter was banned really shocks me! It was for such a ridiculous reason as well!

I don't understand why The golden compass is a banned book. I haven't read it yet, only seen the movie, but to me it just sounds like a great and magical book.

All of them!! Although I was surprised to see that there were books on Quickie Sex in school libraries. But honestly, The Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary? Harry Potter? Captain Underpants?? My kids have read most of the books on this list. Crank? They loved it!

Nothing shocked me anymore. Living in a country that sensitive on censorship, even wrong attributed story can lead a book to be banned.

"Golden Compass"

To Kill a Mockingbird

I'm pretty surprised to see Golden Compass and Hunger Games on the banned book list

Harry Potter

In this list The Hunger Games. In general, the Harry Potter series.

I'm always surprised to see HP on there.

I also read that vampire academy was also.banned somewhere....

Pit of those shown above, Hunger Games shocks me most.

Harry Potter, what the hell? I can "kind of" think of reasons to think The Hunger Games is unsuitable for some ages, ok they are killing each other, but HARRY POTTER?

It bothers me that The Hunger Gameshas been challenged so often. Suzanne Collins has a gift and she uses it to write for young adults. I love that she writes about the effects if violence on young people.

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

Golden Compass really??? I am shocked
anyways I haven't read it but loved the movie :)

The golden compass! It's a kids' book for God's sake! :P

The Bridge To Terabithia, Definitely...Never really understand why they ban any of these books!

There are so many that shock me: Bridge to Terabithia, Julie of the Wolves, The Golden Compass. People are over react to a different viewpoint.

Recently? Eleanor and Park.

Probably The Hunger Games.

The fault in our stars

Gossip Girl.

I was shocked to learn that 'Harry Potter' books are banned.

i was shcok to jnow that the hobbit was banned

The Harry Potter series!

harry potter of course, um why? it's make believe!! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

The Hunger Games!

I am amazed that Harry Potter is baned..its one of my favs!

From this list, The Hunger Games, mostly because of the reasons given. Insensitive to whom? Tyrants?! Also, anti-ethnic? Satanic? What?!

Thirteen Reasons Why because I loved it so much. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :D

I was shocked that The Hobbit is a banned book!

honestly banning any book shocks me, i don't understand books are about imagination, different worlds, people, views etc, some of my favorite books are banned books.

The golden compass, I remember I was 13 when I read the trilogy! and they banned it,why?


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