WARNING: This book is for 18+
heavy romance scenes ahead!


Trevor has starred in Jessica's dreams since high school. Jessica had been the girl who eluded him. Can they start over or will Trevor's job get in the way?

Jessica Snider's dream is to be with Trevor. Unfortunately, just being near him has her burning with desire and babbling like a teenager. When she discovers her high school crush now runs a high-end male escort service, she doesn't know whether to be appalled or aroused.

Trevor Hill wants to fulfill Jessica's every fantasy—including multiple partners—but he wants her for himself as well. If he was hot for her in high school, he's sweltering for her now. However, he's afraid his job will come between them.

Trevor offers her a free—multiple partner—trial guaranteed to satisfy her wettest dreams. Jessica must find her composure and step into his world of sexual fantasies, but can she? Will Trevor convince her to trust his feelings for her and take him up on it? Or will this second chance slip away?


This was it. The deciding moment. Her reaction would help him gauge whether she was the same innocent girl he'd known in school, or if maturity had opened her up to more intriguing encounters.

"It's not the matchmaking type of dating service. I run Hill's Escorts. Have you heard of it?"

She sipped her wine and set the glass on the table. "I hadn't, until yesterday."

He tried to capture her gaze, but she stared at her wine glass, tracing her finger around the rim. What was she thinking?

"I guess you did some research. What do you think about it?"

"Apparently, you were right. Some of your clients are members at my gym." She flicked her gaze toward him before focusing back on the glass.

He couldn't read her at all. Did she disapprove? Did she care? "Yeah. I think we cater to the same type of clientele."


"Wealthy, upper-class women who may or may not be married. Mostly the thirty-five and up crowd, with the occasional customer in her late twenties."

With curiosity in her eyes, she finally focused her gaze on him. "That sounds about right. So you provide men to be dates for these women?"

"Essentially, yes." He couldn't help but notice the way she stroked the stem of her wine glass. He'd heard it was a woman's subconscious way of signaling she'd like to be stroking something else. Hopefully, that was the case.

"Essentially. So...you also offer other services." She folded her hands on the table and licked her crimson lips.

Thankful the table hid the bulge in his jeans, he cleared his throat before he answered. "If the customers are so inclined to take their escorts to a private location, my employees have permission to go as far as they feel comfortable."

"That's a well-rehearsed answer if I've ever heard one."


I knew this was a romance novel, but HOLYFREAKINGCRAP I've never read a book that had four men at one time. *fans self*

Let's start with Jessica

Jessica is the woman point of view. She was a geek in high school and very shy. One of her teachers made students pick a name out of a hat to find partners. Trevor - a boy she had a crush on for years - picked her name. Jessica panicked and faked a headache in order to be with someone else because of her low self-esteem. 8 years later - when the book starts - she's a successful business woman looking for love, and finds Trevor one day in a coffee shop. He asks her out and the book takes off!

I have a love-hate relationship with Jessica. She's spunky, self confident, brave, and kinky, but she also jumps to conclusions very fast. Once Trevor establishes a relationship with her, he goes to meet another woman for business. She then cries because he "cheated on her". Besides that meltdown I really enjoyed reading how self assured she is, and the huge smex scene was great!

Trevor Hill

Trevor was very popular with the ladies back in high school, but his heart was set on Jessica. In his words, the nerd aspect made her cuter. I wish that were true in high schools, but alas I was just the unwanted geek. *coughs* Anyway, he started an escorting service and asked Jessica if she wanted a trial of his work. That's where the four guys come in and I'm like "... is he serious? Is this really going to happen? Oh my god this is happening! WHAT IS GOING ON?! HOLY CRAP!"

You don't really get to know Trevor very well. All we get is he used to be popular in high school and now he owns a kinky escort service. That's literally all we get from him so it's hard to say what I liked and didn't. He was just there to move the plot forward.

The Writing

It's a 55 page book and I finished it within an hour(ish) so it doesn't have a complex plot. It's enjoyable if you want something quick to read, but if you're looking for a deep, well thought out, in-depth character story then this isn't for you. There were some sex scene that I skipped because they just weren't my style... like buttsex. I just can't read those types of parts. POOP COMES OUT OF YOUR BUTT GUYS!

Otherwise I liked it! I give it a 4/5 stars. One star was taken away because of Jessica's annoying attitude in a few scenes.

About the author:

Carrie Pulkinen spent the first part of her professional life as a high school journalism and yearbook teacher in Houston, Texas. Now she's able to channel her love of the English language into stories of amazing sex with devilishly handsome men. In her free time, Carrie likes to read, take pictures, and play with her kids. Her other works include the paranormal romances To Catch a Spirit, Reawakened, Her Guardian Lover, and Sweet Release.  

Find her:
Twitter | Facebook | Blog | Amazon | Goodreads

**Carrie will be awarding a $10 Breathless Press GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.


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I would love to read this!!! Bobbyehopebooth at yahoo dot com

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Love finding new to me authors!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

Sounds like a great read will have to pick this up Thank you for the chance to win that would buy a lot of books.

thanks for the giveaway. that is a really funny review. A quick steamy read. Sounds good.

Sounds like a great book! LOVE the cover!

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4 men? I like quick read and 55 pages is very short--a nice read before bed!
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I really need that dress (the one on the book cover) so I can wear it while reading this book.

Sounds good. And, what a nice cover!

Thanks for the giveaway!
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This book sounds good! I already added it into my TBR list. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :D


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